Productive Puts a Spotlight on the Unspotlighted

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Creative consultant Productive shares its talent showcase for July
Productive Puts a Spotlight on the Unspotlighted

David Diez – production designer and photographer, Madrid

David’s architectural background has had a profound effect on his work as a production designer and photographer. His design experience, use of colour and geometry are also all consistent languages in his work.

David has worked with many top brands in advertising, well known musicians on music videos as well as iconic Spanish fashion brands such as Bimba and Lola. Directors he has worked with include Felix Fernandez de Castro, Sebas Alfie, Tomas Peña, Nur Casadevall, Edu Casanova, NYSU and Martin Jalfen.

He combines his production design work with other visual collaborations; such as with artist Miranda Marakoff (creating giant vaginas for her “Pamplemousse” exhibition in Madrid), Edu Casanova (for his “Margins"book launch) as well as the set design for a Selfridges shoe dept pop up. David adds to all this his photographic and set design work.

David is multi nominated as production designer in Berlin’s Ciclope Festival as well as gold winner at both Ciclope and Promax.

Here are three projects by David Diez, an earlier one and two more recent examples. 

- Sincericidio, Leiva - Zipi 

- Maelle - Nur Casadevall

- Bimba y Lola - Edu Casanova

Patrick Salvador - production designer, Barcelona

Patrick’s art director career really took off when he was given the opportunity to work with Isabel Coixet on an advertising campaign in the mid 90s. He then started to work in the service production industry inSpain as it was beginning to boom, initially as the local art director but very soon as the Production Designer on international campaigns for big brands likeNike and Kodak.

Patrick worked on his first film as production designer in2008. Nine films later he worked on Automata, the science fiction epic whichPatrick would describe as one of his best achievements. In fact he is Goya nominated for this film. Since then he has worked on Marrowbone, recreating rural '60s America in studio, as well as most recently Way Down.

Patrick works between film and advertising, with Spanish production companies such as Smile, LP, Agosto and Mamma Team, who are all great examples of advocates of local Spanish talent.

He has worked with directors such as Joseph Kahn, Joachim Back, Sam Brown, Mark Jenkinson and David Lodge as well as Spanish directors such as Gabe Ibañez, Nacho Gayán and Pep Bosch.

His varied cinematographic background make him one of Spain's most wanted production designers, and here’s a quick look at Patrick’s work, an early ad and two more recent examples.

- Trina - Gabe Ibañez

- Marrowbone trailer

- Rolls Royce - Joseph Kahn

Carolina Galiana - creative director and costume designer, Barcelona

Carolina was living in Madrid when you may say the stars aligned and she was given the opportunity to work with Canada, before the official birth of Canada.

Carolina has worked with a plethora of great artists on music videos and artist image projects such as Tame Impala, C. Tangana, Rosalia, ScissorSisters, Justice, El Guincho, Empress of and with directors such as AG Rojas, Los Pérez, Diana Kunst, Luis Cerveró, Canada and production companies like O Creative Studio, Canada, Primo and Caviar. Carolina also worked with Edu Casanova on his film 'Pieles' and is due to work on his next film 'La Piedad' within the next year.

Carolina is an accomplished and internationally acclaimed costume designer and creative director. Carolina is 4 times nominated in UKMVAs as best stylist. Her latest nomination was for Rosalia’s 'De aqui nosales' in 2020. Here’s three projects costume designed by Carolina Galiana, an early one and two more recent examples.

- Tame Impala - Canada

- Rosalia - Diana Kunst & Mau Morgó

- Latitude - Los Pérez

Jose Tirado – production designer, Barcelona

José started to make a international name for himself when he worked on various projects over a period of time with the production companyCanada, including David Bowie for the V&A museum and Rosalia Malamente.

His part in the creation of the Rosalia image was a particularly rewarding moment in his career, and the subsequent work was of course award winning - "Jose is a consistently nominated name including Ciclope, UK MVAs and the APCP awards in his home country."

From there José started to work with internationally recognised directors such as Los Pérez, Sharif Abdel Mawla, Marco Prestini, Canada, NicoPerez Veiga and Rodrigo Saavedra with Spanish and international production companies such as Canada, Iconoclast, Twenty Four Seven, Division, Bonkers United, Blur, Landia, Caviar, Partizan and Blink.

José also combines his advertising work with film projects and is about to start shooting his second feature film. José is known for his amazing use of colour in his work, a couple of good recent examples are Los Perez’ EOS, and one of Rosalia’s latest music videos Juro que. Let’s see three projects production designed by Jose Tirado, an early one and two more recent examples.

- David Bowie V&A Museum - Canada

- EOS Los Pérez

- Rosalia Juro que - Tanu Muino

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