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Green Dot's Richard Farmer Ignites Memories For Olympus

Production Company
Los Angeles, USA
Two comedic spots for :30s, “Stunt Man” and “Office,” from SCPF



 LA-based Green Dot Films director Richard Farmer makes memory lane feel like the real thing in two comedic new :30s, “Stunt Man” and “Office,” for Olympus out of SCPF, Miami along with Global Integrated Producer (GIP).  Both spots feature people flipping through their Olympus digital cameras, literally reliving fiery stunts and party fowls before our eyes.  The spots were produced by Green Dot with additional production support from Miami-based In&Out productions.     
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“Stunt Man” opens on a man looking through his Olympus camera while waiting in his trailer for his stunt on set.  Dressed from head-to-toe in mountaineering gear, the man chuckles at the photograph displayed on the camera’s screen, which shoots out gusts of wind and snow.  With the click of a button, the man is suddenly dressed in a well-pressed suit, staring at his arm and laughing hysterically as he watches it violently catch on fire.  The man continues to click through the next couple of photos that get him soaked in a Harry Houdini-type underwater chain contraption and shot with arrows in Western cowboy garb.  Next, a young woman opens his trailer door and informs him that they’re ready for him on set.  Snapping back into reality, the man drops his camera and accidentally steps on it.  He picks it back up, clicks to the next picture and transforms into a fisherman with water spraying at him from the display.  The spot concludes on the man smiling at the camera, followed by the tag “Capture your stories with the shockproof, waterproof, freezeproof, crushproof Olympus tough series.”  The Olympus logo and tag, “Capture your stories,” close out the spot. 
“Office” opens on a woman in an office telling her coworkers, “Hey guys, I got pictures from the party.”  A few men and women gather around the lady as she flips through the photos.  With the click of the first picture, the group transforms into their party attire.  As they go through each one of the pictures, the men and women progressively get more and more covered in party decorations including confetti, beads and a sombrero.  They go from smiling to being shocked as the pictures start revealing juicy details from the night.  From office hookups to cross-dressing, all of the night’s wild moments were captured in the tiny device.  The spot concludes on the aforementioned images in the camera’s display, followed by the tag, “Amazing image quality, creative freedom.  Interchangeable lenses to capture your stories.  The Olympus PEN series.”  
Client: Olympus
Titles: “Stunt Man” and “Office,” :30X2

Ad Agency: SCPF, Miami-
Exec Creative Director: Pablo Monzon
Exec Producer GIP: Ursula Bertrand
Senior Producer GIP: Mariana Black
Group Account Director: Lisa Paravano
Account Executive: Vanessa Romano

Production Co: Green Dot Films, LA
Director: Richard Farmer
Exec Producer: Darren Foldes
Exec Producer: Rich Pring
DoP: Crille Forsberg
Production Designer: Sean Hargreaves
Producer: Matt Caltabiano

Additional Production Support: In&Out productions, Miami
Exec Producer: Frida Sellar
Editorial Co: General Editorial
Producer: Robert Parker
Editor: Noah Herzog
Visual Effects Co: Ring of Fire, LA
Exec Producer: John Myers
Creative Director / VFX Supervisor: Jerry Spivack
VFX Producer: Casey Conroy
Asst. VFX Producer: Tammie Smalls
Flame Artist: Brian Shneider
Graphics: Stephen Grimm, Tony LaTorre
Color Correction: Cinelicious
Colorist: Steve Rodriguez
Audio: Uptempo Music & Audio Post
Exec Producer: Roger Dominguez

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