Tadawul - The Sound of Tadawul

Music & Sound
London, UK

What is the sound of a stock exchange, we hear you ask?

A cloud of loud chatter and endless phone rings fused with the sounds of joy and despair that flutter there way around a somewhat sonically deprived room of brokers. This is what usually springs to mind.

Tadawul is the sole stock exchange of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Feeling disconnected from its global investors, they wanted to open their doors to a diverse audience by creating a more approachable brand identity through the medium of sound.

The perfect compromise

The outcome? A ‘sonic suite’ that consists of both long and short form sound assets for use in different touch points, specifically designed with both heritage and innovation in mind.

To bring about the authentic touch we needed, we recorded traditional artists and used a fusion of traditional Saudi instruments with modern production techniques to form a sonic identity that could connect with existing customers and potential investors on a global scale.

Inspirational confidence

It was important that the identity ticked the box of sounding inspirational and optimistic, whilst giving a sense of authority and confidence. Many review sessions to refine and craft, until we hit a sweet spot that was able to reflect this entirely.

By giving the brand a full bank on sonic assets which feel part of the same DNA, we are able to promote brand recall and therefore allow Tadawul to feel more approachable as a brand overall.

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