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La Redoute
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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Some stories can only be told through music, can’t they?

For this campaign, we helped La Redoute find a song that could provide the perfect backdrop for the story of Lou – a teenage girl who is struggling to accept her stepmother. 

We started searching for an authentic piece that could be the perfect mixture of colour, feeling and lyrics, something which would resonate with the family value of the brand and emphasise the cinematic aesthetic of the film.

We opted for a French female singer. Not only because the movie is directed by French director Géraldine Nakache, but also because both the brand and the story of Lou are targeted mostly at women. Some serious girl power going on here.

Our attention was quickly drawn to Pomme, an up-and-coming young talent, known for her emotional songs and genuine connection with her audience.

We soon found out that the song ‘une minute’ perfectly reflects the story of Lou. It’s both charming and sweet, but carries a lot of emotion keeping us engaged throughout the unconventional 3-minute film format, finishing on a poignant climax.

“We wanted to elevate a beautiful ad through music, but also to be culturally relevant and have a real emotional impact,” says Pierre Carnet, Creative Development Manager at MassiveMusic. “At this time, the general public in France was going through a difficult period so, as one of the few non-coronavirus related ads that would be airing on TV, it was important to get the message and mood right. It was heartwarming to see people’s positive reactions and engagement with this story and how they related to it.”

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