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MassiveMusic Amsterdam
Sound & Music
Amsterdam, Netherlands
A:A’DAM Toren, Overhoeksplein 35, 1031 KS




MassiveMusic is one of the leading creative music agencies in the world with offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo. The agency helps brands find their voice and tell their story through music. MassiveMusic produces and composes for the advertising, broadcast, branding and interactive worlds. They develop music strategies for global brands, provide music search and licensing services, create innovative activations, scout new talent – and throw a mean party every once in awhile. The company is proud to have sprinkled its melodic magic on many of the world’s biggest brands.



As passionate music lovers, we feel privileged to list music in our LinkedIn profiles. Alongside our day jobs most of us play in bands or play around with DJing. In fact, our CFO is a drummer in a riot grrrl group, one of our Account Managers is a sassy saxophone player – and after reaching 100 million streams in Spotify our Strategy Director just embarked on a world tour. So whether it’s song sheets or spreadsheets, the perfect pitch or the perfect advertising pitch, we know music - and the business of music.

Among our services: 

- Music Production & Composition 

- Sonic Branding 

- Creative Search & Licensing

- MassiveArtists

- Music Activations

- MassiveVoices  


Amongst others Audi, ASUS, BMW, Chiquita, Cornetto, Eurosport, Heineken, KLM, McDonald's, Nike, Philips, T-Mobile and UEFA.

For a more complete overview please check out our portfolio or website.


Latest award wins:

- Transform Awards MEA | Gold in the category Best Use of Audio Branding | ‘The Sound of Ithra’ for King Abdulaziz for World Culture (Ithra)

- Buma Awards | Best in the category Radio and Television Imaging | ‘The Sound of UEFA’ for Turquoise Branding

- LIA Awards | Bronze in the category Music & Sound: Audio Branding | ‘The Sound of Philips’ for Philips

- LIA Awards | Silver in the category Music Adaption – Instrumental | ‘Nike - Awaken the Phantom’ for Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam

- Transform Awards Europe | Gold in the category Best Use of Audio Branding | Sonic Branding for Philips

- Transform Awards Europe | Gold in the category Best Use of Music | Premier League Rebranding for Dixon Baxi / Premier League