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Upwork Counters Covid-19 Impact with Talent Grants Program

Advertising Agency
San Francisco, USA
Duncan Channon launched the spot for Upwork to bring attention to the talent grants available

Upwork is giving $1M in talent grants to selected organisations working on projects to counter the impact of Covid-19. Through the Work Together Talent Grants Program, Upwork will match organisations with skilled independent professionals to help develop and accelerate projects whose mission is tied directly to mitigating Covid-19’s devastating impact on individuals, communities and economies. The $1M in talent grants will end up as $1M in the hands of the freelancers who are hired to work on the projects. Organisations can now apply for a grant of up to $25,000 in talent credits at upwork website

To make organisations aware of the talent grants available to them, Upwork is launching a national TV spot and digital and audio campaign by Duncan Channon for the Work Together Talent Grants Program. 

Duncan Channon created the spot in one week using video footage shot at home by independent professionals on the Upwork platform who are ready to help. To source the footage, Upwork invited a select group of more than 125 top-rated professionals in its network to submit videos. 

“This is a time for brands to respond, not market as usual. We’re proud to collaborate with Upwork on this initiative that puts independent talent to work to help efforts to counter the impact of Covid-19,” said Michael Lemme, chief creative officer, Duncan Channon. 

“It was an inspiring challenge to sift through so many videos shot by freelancers in their homes with their dogs, houseplants and kids to convey a unified message: we’re here to help,” said Michael. “It captures a feeling that’s familiar to most of us. The desire to use our skills - whatever they may be - to be of service from wherever we are.” 

Upwork has paused its pre-Covid-19 brand campaign ‘Upwork is How’ and is dedicating its national media buy handled by Duncan Channon to support the Talent Grants effort and reach businesses and nonprofits in-need. Upwork plans future spots to highlight the impact of select grant recipients’ Covid-19 relief initiative 

“We’re joining other leading brands and companies in looking at how we can use our resources and expertise to help during this crisis,” said Lars Asbjornsen, SVP of marketing, Upwork. “Providing highly-skilled talent to help with Covid-19 relief efforts was the right application of our remote work platform’s technology and community. Now, more than ever, organisations need proven talent, and our program will bring vital skills to more places that need them.”

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