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Uber Eats Ad Leaves Game of Thrones Fans with Open Mouths and Empty Stomachs

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Mexico City, Mexico
Uber agency Circus shows how we have lost delicious bites of food after unexpected deaths, unpredictable weddings and epic battles

As of this Sunday, fans of Game of Thrones have already begun to taste the beginning of the end of the cultural phenomenon. With this in mind, Uber Eats and its agency Circus has created a timely campaign showing how we have lost delicious bites after being left open-mouthed by unexpected deaths, unpredictable weddings and epic battles.

"We wanted to be part of one of the biggest phenomena of entertainment and social networks taking advantage of the great moment of consumption that this means for Uber Eats. It's a fun campaign where we show the emotions caused and in which food and users are the main characters." said Antonio Marchese, director of brand marketing at Uber Eats for Latin America.

"We know it's a great time to stay at home and share with friends and family, food in between, and that's why we created a campaign for Uber Eats to allow everyone enjoy this experience more, which we are sure will be something that won’t happen again," said Ignacio Liaudat, CEO of Circus.

'The series that took more food out of your mouth' campaign consists of 19 pieces, which will be released during the next seven weeks and be live on the brand's social platforms. The campaign will be aired in 14 countries in Latin America. Uber Eats, in partnership with hundreds of restaurants, will also offer special promotions.

"Uber Eats is a brand that has the potential to become part of the digital culture because of the number of conversations it can be present in and we are working towards that," said Dauquen Chabeldin, head of creative at Circus.

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