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The Royals to Explore The Rise of AI Creativity at Vivid Ideas Panel Event at 2pm, Friday, 2 June

Advertising Agency
Sydney, Australia
Human & Machine: The Next Great Creative Partnership event to examine how humans and artificial intelligence can work together in the field of creativity.

In keeping with its mission to be "the most interested agency in the world", The Royals is taking part in a panel discussion at Vivid Ideas, Asia Pacific's annual celebration of innovation, creativity and change community, which is part of Vivid Sydney.

The agency's head of strategy, Michaela Futcher (pictured) will join a panel of five speakers in a session titled Human & Machine: The Next Great Creative Partnership at 2pm, Friday, 2 June. Group discounts are available to agencies buying 5 tickets or more.


The event is hosted by Move 37, an early stage creative artificial intelligence startup. It will be led by a keynote from creative technologist Ross Goodwin (USA), the co-creator of Sunspring, the world's first film entirely written by an artificial intelligence bot using neural networks, the event will explore the ways artificial intelligence will democratise, distribute and escalate the availability of creativity. The speakers will also consider whether AI can be used to augment creative workers across all disciplines - rather than replace them.

The panel includes Joanna Batstone, VP of IBM Research Australia, and Jon McCormack, artist and researcher in computing.

Says Futcher: "Humans and machines are already a great creative partnership. We've long worked with machines to make our thinking faster and sharper. The question is now, as machines get smarter and more intuitive, what does the human bring to the table?

"I'm excited about how this is now going to force us to create a new workforce where value is placed on empathy, humanity and unexpected solutions an algorithm can't create, where 'doing the job' is simply not enough. This is the fourth industrial revolution and it's certainly going to sort the wheat from the chaff in creative industries."

The event is being held on Friday 2 June at 2pm.