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The Royals Lifts The Hood on Small Business With New Small Heroes Initiative + Breakfast Series

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Sydney, Australia
Breakfast held at Work Club Sydney, Wednesday, 17 May - register your interest now.

The needs and challenges of small business in Australia revealed in The Royals' Small Heroes project, with Google joining the Sydney breakfast panel on 17 May.

The changing face of Australian small business is the focus of a new initiative by The Royals, which aims to shed light on the challenges and opportunities facing small business owners.

Titled Small Heroes, the initiative includes an ongoing series of video interviews with small business owners around Australia, broader qualitative research, quarterly trend reports and a national breakfast series.


After a launch event in Melbourne recently, the second breakfast is being held on Wednesday 17 May at Work Club Sydney with a panel discussion featuring Google product marketing manager, small and medium business, Duncan McGrath; Lexer founder Aaron Wallis; MYOB head of product marketing and customer acquisition Jane Betschel; and Australian small business ombudsman analyst Jill Lawrence.

The aim of Small Heroes is to examine the diversity of small business in Australia, as well as the motivations of small business owners and the challenges they face.

The latest quarterly trend report, Patterns & Perspectives, explores topics including the growing number of women launching their own businesses, the small business implications of the 'buy local' movement, and what the new knowledge economy means for small business owners.

The project provides insights and lessons for large corporations that market their products and services to small businesses.

Says Andrew Siwka (pictured above), managing partner at The Royals: "At The Royals, we strive to be the most interested agency in the world and what can be more interesting than understanding the major driving force for economic growth nationally? There are more than 2.1 million small businesses in Australia and while they tend to get lumped together as a homogenous group, we've found incredible diversity and nuance. For B2B marketers, there are many lessons that can prove invaluable in their dealings with small businesses."

If you are interested in attending the Sydney breakfast, please email for more information. 

To visit The Royals' website, click here.