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The Materials Only Motion Graphics Can Capture



When it comes to product features, Bolder are the people that know how to make them pop, right down to their atoms

The Materials Only Motion Graphics Can Capture
We all do it, stare blankly at the meal deal section in the supermarket, despair at the bounty of bottles in the health and beauty aisles, hopelessly scan racks of clothes in huge department stores or god forbid 200+ pages of online retailers, all for the perfect product. 

With so much choice-fatigue, it’s no surprise that brand purpose and product quality has become of increasing importance to consumers, and subsequently marketers. So how can you make your brand and your product stand out from the crowd, especially when the unique selling point isn’t obvious to the naked eye? The team at Bolder say the best way to promote a product is to dig into its design with motion graphics...

Fashion: Fibres and Features 

“We’ve seen a huge uptake in the amount of fashion brands looking to promote the unique selling points of their clothes and accessories with motion graphics,” says Tim Bolderson, managing director. “Customers are increasingly interested in the weave of fabrics, the quality of the materials, and what that means when they are wearing it - be it breathability, comfort, style, warmth and so on. However, most of the time, the details that make these products stand out aren’t easy to understand without seeing how the product was made. That’s where motion graphics come in.”

New Era - Engineered Plus

New Era wanted to show the incredible detail that goes into the weave of every one of their caps. The latest evolution of 9FORTY caps are designed in textured camouflage, a high tech fabric.

“We can accurately simulate the components of the materials and how they work together right down to a cellular level if necessary,” adds David Farquharson, head of motion. “By viewing through that microscopic lens we unlock new information that might be the clincher between someone choosing your product or your competitors’ one. These graphics work particularly well online where customers are open to new information relevant to their interests and at point of sale when they’re making a decision.”

New Era - Accessories 

The features of these accessories help to make people’s lives easier. This is an example where motion graphics are used to show a 360 degree view, calling out all key features and benefits to provide the consumer with a full and insightful understanding of the product through exciting and engaging visual creative.

Liquids: Science and Cells

“Liquids are often called upon for a motion graphic breakdown. Particularly those which have a chemical effect when applied. That can be anything from an anti-ageing skin cream that transforms the cellular structure of your skin, to a fabric softener that permeates materials or a shampoo that weightlessly smooths hair follicles,” says Chris McCrae, creative director.

“It’s because liquid products always have a story - why they were developed, how they were created, and what transformational effects they can have. Motion graphics can help to tell that story visually, in a simple way,” adds David. “No brand wants to confuse or patronise their customers with science but they do want them to understand the basics of what their products do and why they’re employed. So, these are frequently used in TV ads and online video for this product genre.”

Biotherm - Life Plankton Elixir

This advert for Biotherm’s Life Plankton Elixir needed to show consumers how its unique formula, defends, treats and regenerates skin cells. The science behind it is complex, too complex for 30 seconds, but not too complex to be demonstrated in beautiful motion graphics that reflect its natural origins and break down the science. 

Footwear: Performance and Durability

New Balance Furon Boot Tech

Football boots are a classic example where performance and durability of the design and materials are of utmost importance to their wearers. Motion graphics make it easy for potential customers to understand how those features will enhance their game play.

“Much like fashion, footwear (and in particular trainers) brands are really starting to rely on this type of content,” says Tim. “All of the above applies to footwear but I think there is also more of an importance on material durability and performance.”

Nike React - Nike React 55

Motion graphics don’t always have to be literal to be effective. Many sports brands pride themselves on their art & design history. Brand messages and moods can be conveyed alongside unique design features to create something eye catching.

“As we become increasingly conscious about our planet and waste, consumers want to know what products will last. Shoes are one of those products that most people know, if built well, will endure. Understanding what technologies and design go into them help us to understand their longevity. As with fashion, motion graphics are the perfect way to deconstruct their form and style, unlike anything else,” adds Chris.

Clarks - Trek 

Motion graphics aren’t just for sports footwear. Everyday shoes are also under close scrutiny by customers. Brands like Clark’s are known for having shoes that last. Being able to demonstrate that visually alongside the eye-catching design features is a win.

Food: Flavour and Texture

We all know that real mouth-watering food can sell itself on camera but sometimes you need to get close to it to really make the flavours come to life. Food in its nature is tricky to shoot as most things will spoil quickly under hot studio lights. What’s more, quality tabletop directors are also not easy to come by and whilst shooting real food can look incredible, it’s never a cheap option. If you’re on a budget and a tight timeline, motion graphics can be a perfect solution,” explains Tim Bolderson, managing director.

Pilgrims Fridge Raiders - Powered By Protein 

These little protein packs needed to show the tasty raw ingredients in a dynamic way. It was much easier to do this in motion graphics. Throwing cheese cubes at a camera would need a LOT of testing which ultimately = more time + more cost and a lot of melted cheese. 

“The other real benefit for motion graphics in this category is that you can remove the elements of risk and uncertainty in food shoots,” explains Tim, “Lurpak has left many CMO’s and directors wanting to show food launching itself gracefully through the air in slow mo, but that is in no way as easy as it sounds. You’ll need to test these shots over and over again to get it to look right. You can achieve the same (or even better) doing it in motion graphics. The upside is this also has huge time and cost savings, especially if you need re-versioning.” 

Smart Materials: Unimaginable Uses 

“Smart fabrics have become increasingly advanced. Often what’s more so is the language used to describe their properties. It’s very complex to describe something that hasn’t ever existed before. The best way is to demonstrate it visually,” explains David. “The key though is not just the demonstration but the application of style. Many smart materials are best demonstrated by being pushed to their limits, but doing that in live action means you can’t easily communicate a brand and its very hard to capture the effects from 360 degrees. Motion graphics can do this effortlessly and cost-effectively.”

D30 - LP1 Protection 

Smart materials like D30 often have a plethora of features you wouldn’t expect from looking at them. We were approached to visualise the key protective capabilities of their latest innovative armour pads. Using a minimal and contemporary visual language we created a product launch film that focuses on the core aspects of the product; impact absorption, comfort and flexibility.
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