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The Final Immortal Awards Deadline is September 10th, Here’s All You Need to Know to Enter

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As always, entry into our global creative competition is free for all members of Little Black Book - so beat the deadline by entering today
The entry window for The Immortal Awards - the global, free-to-enter advertising award for all Little Black Book’s members - slams shut on Friday 10th September and it's not too late to finalise (or start) your submissions.

A series of local market competitions, each with their own dedicated jury, have been added this year, following on from the successful introduction of regional competitions in 2020. You can see our incredible line-up for jurors for 2021 here.

We’ll be shining a spotlight on the best work locally, regionally and globally this year, with the very best work in the world receiving a coveted Commendation or Immortal Award when winners are announced in December.

Here’s all you need to know to start your path to creative immortality today...

Who can enter?

Quite simply, any creative company involved in the creation of a commercial project can submit work into the Immortal Awards. All Little Black Book members can enter for free as part of their membership.

You must be credited on the project but do not need to own the creative idea. For example, if you’re an edit house that’s worked on a project for a brand or creative agency, you may enter the work yourself. 

Check out the rules page for all information on what you can enter, eligibility dates, file formats and more.

So, are submissions free?

As always, entry into the Immortal Awards is free for all Little Black Book members. This year, Gold members can enter five projects into the Immortals and Silver members can enter two projects. Bronze members may enter one project.

Members who want more entries can upgrade their account before the deadline via the Dashboard.

If you're not yet a member, there's still time to join Little Black Book and enter work into this year's competition. Simply sign up here today.

And every entry scores points?

Yes, regardless of how far your work goes in the competition, every project submitted will be scored by our jurors. We convert those scores into points and attribute them to every project, entrant company and every member of Little Black Book that’s credited on the project.

Those points power our League Table of Creativity, a transparent, comprehensive ranking of the world's best creative companies. You can see every entry, the companies that have entered and are credited on them, and the networks these companies come from, in a ranked order. It’s a system that can be filtered by region, country and city, as well as company type and discipline. You can find more about the League Table here.

When is the deadline?

Possibly the most important question! The deadline for this year’s Immortal Awards is Friday 10th September.

This is the final deadline and there will be no extensions. There are no late fees, so if you miss the deadline you really have missed your chance to enter this year’s competition.

Sounds good. How do we enter?

To start making your submissions today, simply:

1. Log in to Little Black Book here
2. Then head to the Dashboard
3. From there, click Manage Award Entries in the middle

Once you’ve hit Create Submission, our super simple, seven step submission form will appear. 

Whoever handles your awards submissions will need access to an admin profile on your Little Black Book account. If you need us to set up an admin profile for your awards coordinator, get in touch and we'll get that sorted.

If you need any help or have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Please ensure that the entry status on your entries is showing as Submitted when you are finished with your submissions. Entries showing as Incomplete will not qualify for judging, so please press SUBMIT on the submission form to complete your entry.

If you have any questions or need anything else - including more entries - please contact Paul Monan, Awards Director;