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The Essential List: Cece Wyldeck
Music & Sound
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Creative development manager at MassiveMusic Amsterdam used to play in a dark folk band and makes hats in her spare time
Cece Wyldeck’s ear for music goes back to her days as a member of the St. Paul’s choir in 1996, belting out vocals at the National Opera in productions of Othello.  Eventually her passions led her to found dark-folk-rock band Wyldeck, for which she used to write and sing, play guitar and played UK festivals such as Wilderness and Secret Garden Party. 

In 2015, she became Paloma Faith’s artists manager and looked after her new management and publishing company (Liam Bailey, Viktoria Modesta, John Martin) before landing at MassiveMusic two years later as creative development manager.

Check out her Essential List for a deep dive into her well-refined tastes.


o Place of birth: In a bed, in a small flat, over a train bridge in Richmond, Surrey, UK. It’s still there, I checked the old Google Street View.
o Hometown: Amsterdam
o Staycation: Hotel Estherea, Amsterdam
o Vacation: Conil de la Frontera, España
o Pet: Tamagotchi & Sea Monkeys (the only pets I’ve ever had)
o Place of work: MassiveMusic
o Place of workout: Soho House (let me be gross)
o Side project:  Wylde & Waite - Hat Makers
o Mode of transport: My lekker bike
o Bonus travel essential: My Gretsch resonator


o Artist: Egon Schiele, Frida Kahlo, Raph Cemo, Lucy Mcrae, Tobias Groot
o Musician: PJ Harvey, Fleetwood Mac, Jefferson Airplane, Ane Brun, Tash Sultana, Nick Cave, Prince, Kate Bush, Josh Homme, My Brightest Diamond, Chan Marshall, J.J. Cale, Tarheel Slim, Grimes (tell me when to stop)
o Commercials / music video director: Spike Jonze
o Film director: Pedro Almodóvar, Richard Linklater, Gregg Araki
o Photographer: Diane Arbus, Patti Smith, Synchrodogs 

o Film: Todo Sobre mi Madre/All about my mother; Burning
o Series: Buffy the Vampire Slayer; The Fall (two of the sexiest series I’ve ever seen)
o Commercial: Guinness - ‘Surfer’ (1999) This is the commercial I still think about to this day. First time I saw it I thought it was f**king epic OR Wrigley’s Gum ‘The Last Stick’ I was only four but I still remember desiring gum from this point on: advertising does work if you throw some gender-neutral mom jeans on it.
o Video game: Crash Bandicoot 
o Board game: Monopoly (I mean, who needs Google Maps?)
o Book: Murakami’s ‘1Q84’ all the way
o Graphic novel: ‘Tank Girl’ by Jamie Hewlett: drawing legend
o Podcast: The thoughts in my mind are enough (and no, this is not the name of a podcast)
o Newspaper (off or online): The Sunday Observer
o Magazine: Time Out (London), C 41 (Milan), Linda!? (Amsterdam)
o Bonus culture essential: Dutch Museum Card

Food and Drink

o Breakfast: Dissolvable Vitamin C and eggs, scrambled or french omelette 
o Restaurant: Nozomi Sushi Bar, Valencia (mind blowing) 
o Cheap bite: Kibbeling stall at Amsterdam NDSM
o Working lunch: Tokyo Iki Ramen
o Favourite dish: My dad’s slow cooked tomato lamb shank with Iranian rice and oven broccoli
o Signature dish: Anchovy-heavy puttanesca carbonara (combi genius)
o Snack: Olives & pickled garlic
o Guilty pleasure: Mariah Carey (edible to the ears)
o Bar: 10 Cases in London: best wijn bar, best staff, best concept, ever changing list and always great vibe
o Booze: Red wine always, Montepulciano 2014 right now
o Not booze: Fresh mint tea
o Bonus food: Chicken Karaage - the marinade for this is insane 

Cece playing live with her group Wyldeck

o Bonus beverage: Korean Soju made from sweet potato


o Phone: mum more often
o Computer: MacBook
o TV: In the guest room
o Headphones: Bose noise cancelling
o Camera: Olympus Mju 1
o Soundsystem: Bose
o Pen / pencil: Whatever is at hand
o Where you document an idea: Notes on the iPhone
o Casual clothing: Black
o Smart clothing: Red
o Footwear: DMs
o Watch: Meller
o Collection: Of assorted jewels
o App: What’s
o Website: Where the f*ck should I go to eat / for drinks
o Blog: A place to document poetry, like an online diary, I never read blogs
o Work program: Word

o Digital work tool: Mouse 
o Analogue work tool: Notebook
o Morning grooming / makeup essential: A hot flannel
o Bonus kit essential: A guitar capo. There is never one around when it’s needed
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