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Talent Partners Moves NYC Headquarters

Voice Over / Talent
New York, United States
Relocates to Park Avenue South

Talent Partners, a provider of talent and production support services for more than 750 agency and advertiser clients representing 1,500 brands, has moved its New York City headquarters to Park Avenue South.  This announcement is the latest to come on the heels of a major investment designed to fuel the company’s growth by The Carlyle Group.  The announcement was made by Paul Muratore, President and CEO of Talent Partners.

Fast-growing Talent Partners has moved to a 32,250-square-foot space, comprising of the entire second and third floors of the newly renovated 475 Park Avenue South.  The new Manhattan headquarters is approximately 10,000-square-feet larger than its former Chelsea location, at 115 West 18th Street and will continue to serve its expanding global client base.

“Relocating to Park Avenue South is a true testament of Talent Partners’ ability to grow and succeed.  We were the first advertising services firm to move to Chelsea, what’s now known as NYC’s creative mecca, and will be relocating to yet another equally central location, allowing us to be surrounded by a different set of clients and partners,” says Linda Tinoly, Chief Client Officer of Talent Partners.  “This expanded NYC home base shows our company’s on-going commitment to meeting the needs of our clients.”  

Recently, Talent Partners announced that global asset management giant, The Carlyle Group, was making a major investment in the company.  A game changer for the industry, Carlyle’s investment is earmarked to grow Talent Partners’ increasingly technology-based offerings to the industry in its core U.S. market, and to fuel the fast-expansion of its global footprint, an effort that will enhance all Talent Partners’ clientele.

Due to Carlyle’s investment, Talent Partners was able to make its first step in a transformative opportunity with the recent acquisition of PES Payroll. Based in Burbank, PES Payroll has 20 years’ experience providing crew payroll and production support services to the commercial, television, film and live event industries.  The move to Park Avenue South will also allow PES Payroll to consolidate its NYC office space with Talent Partners.

With the acquisition of PES Payroll, Talent Partners is the go-to source for talent, staff and crew payroll, production services, rights and more across a multitude of areas – long form (film), medium form (television), short form (commercial, web, music video) content, as well as still images, music, sound and celebrity rights, including today’s top stars and the estates of the deceased luminaries that brands utilize to add cache to their image.  The company provides on-the-set support services for crews and directors, actors, estimating and more; and, after the shoot, everything from talent payments to audits and compliance to asset management. When it comes to the variety of its services, Talent Partners offers its advertiser and agency clients everything but the creative idea itself, providing what CEO Muratore proclaims is their mission: “to take care of the business behind the business of creativity.”

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