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Solving the Technology Challenge in an Agency

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Clive Mishon chats with John Lyons, group sales and marketing director of The NDL Group / Promotigo and Chip House, CMO of SharpSpring discussing how they’re embracing cutting edge technology solutions for expanded offerings, revenue growth and continued success

Reduced Tech Stack

The tools you employ to build your agency’s architecture, website, your marketing instruments and your CRM system are your technological stack, with an ever increasing number of tools required to deal with rapid scaling. Rarely does an all-in-one solution offer what a business needs to run a successful agency. However, multiple platforms can be instrumental in driving up your overall costs in ways that can be hard to track. So how can you get it under control?

The applications in your tech stack should seamlessly interconnect, streamline workflow and be hassle-free to manage. Applications that don't function together might increase IT expenses if the programme fails to communicate, requiring intervention.

This was John Lyons’, marketing director at The NDL Group & Promotigo, main issue while managing multiple pipelines at the same time. Which is where SharpSpring stepped in. Ultimately, a successful tech stack integrates marketing activity data with engagement and conversion data effectively so that your pipeline can optimise each opportunity. It helps marketing and sales teams to better under-stand their contribution to ROI and allows revenues to be maximised by prioritising expenditure in the correct places. And no one, especially during these terrible economic days, can afford to miss that business gain.

Our latest Alliance partner event with Chip House, CMO of SharpSpring, touched upon the tech stack that guest John Lyons was trying to reduce, prior to leveraging SharpSpring’s all-in-one CRM platform.

Saving Time & Money

As your agency expands, the key responsibilities linked to customer care may render you and your team exhausted. While your interaction with your consumers is important at each phase, all these activities may not be achievable in a timely manner. Whether for in-house or at an agency, marketing automation is a wonderful alternative.

The automation of marketing facilitates the tracking of what was sent to who. You already know precisely what your consumers saw when you monitor their activity on your platform, and you can adapt your sales pitch to suit them and their interests.

Data is important. Equally important is how easy that data is to view, analyse and distribute. SharpSpring has allowed John Lyons to manage multiple pipelines and data sets while eliminating the confusion that comes with multiple parties working on the same project.

SharpSpring is an all-in-one solution; save money on not using multiple platforms or having to pay for extra functionality. Everything is included in the price and the functionality is not limited at any point.

SharpSpring & Sales

It's difficult to get your brand out into the public. There is a lot of information with which to compete, plus maintaining social channels and

generating meaningful content regularly. Marketing companies are excellent at establishing a content schedule that draws and maintains new and existing clients. So, when you give them a platform that does that all in the same place, it becomes much easier for the planner to achieve inspiring results.

Your agency may develop a campaign that gives its consumers particular care and attention by means of marketing automation. If you give a solution with a personal touch, your products or services are more likely to be purchased and recommended.

John Lyons talked about the ease of implementing SharpSpring into the day-to--day infrastructure of Promotigo to not only help with simpler management of the sales pipeline, but to also allow his team to easily come onto the platform and pick up projects and important data with ease. Managing new business is a fundamental that SharpSpring has made easy.

For more information on SharpSpring, book a demo today by clicking here and take advantage of SharpSpring's special offer for Alliance of Independent Agency Members (£400 onboarding discount).

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