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Secure Sexual Health App Euki Launches Awareness Campaign in Wake of Roe v. Wade

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New York, USA
Critical Mass campaign offers reliable information on sexual and reproductive health needs

Critical Mass is launching an awareness campaign for secure sexual health app Euki, with a media strategy specifically targeted to people who may no longer have access to abortion in their particular state in the US.

People now face (very real) fears that tracking their sexual and reproductive health is no longer a safe thing to do. This campaign aims to let people know they do have safe options with Euki, a free sexual health app where people can access reliable information about all of their sexual and reproductive health needs -- including abortion -- without putting themselves at risk. Euki was built using research from Ibis Reproductive Health and released by Women Help Women. 

The creative brings in Euki’s bright colours and clear, direct copy to remind people that investing in their reproductive health should be a normal, informative, straightforward process.

The social campaign’s media buy on social is specifically targeted to people who may no longer have access to abortion in their state due to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. With concerns that their data may soon be compromised, the campaign aims to make sure all people with the ability to become pregnant know that they have secure, safe options for tracking their reproductive health. 

The campaign will go to market through Critical Mass’s intelligent production studio ArtBot, which will allow Euki to take advantage of personally tailored, efficiently produced, precisely delivered content creation at scale - a necessity given the urgency of the messaging and the nuanced demographics it needs to reach.

How Euki works:

  • From its creation, Euki has taken privacy seriously. The user’s information is stored entirely in the app, not in the cloud (or anywhere else). Only the user has access to it; they can even set up a personal PIN that is not tied to their email or phone number as an additional level of security.
  • Euki has an optional automated data deletion feature, and does not rely on fingerprint or facial recognition—only the PIN. Users can access reliable information about abortion (and other topics) directly within the app, and all links are automatically accessed in incognito mode, which means that users don’t have to be concerned about their search histories. 
  • Euki provides trustworthy and inclusive sexual and reproductive health answers without making assumptions about who their users are, what they do or don’t already know, or how they identify.
  • Euki provides reliable, evidence-based sexual and reproductive health information, including abortion, with verified insights so that users can make decisions using trustworthy sources.

Caitlin Gerdts, vice president for research at Ibis Reproductive Health, “We learned from our research that people were in search of an app that could provide accurate information about all types of SRH experiences. Most importantly, they wanted an app that prioritised their privacy and digital security - they didn’t want to have to share their information with a tech company or data firm just to be able to track their own health. Among the concerns raised by participants were the dangers posed by random observers, abusive partners, and parents or guardians who might see private content on their phone. We want all people to be able to monitor their own health without fearing that information about their bodies would be shared widely or viewed by others who access their phone. This app provides that assurance. As we face a post-Roe reality in the United States, it is clear from our past and present that the digital security of those who seek abortions in states where it is no longer may be  in grave danger.”

Isabella Rodrigues, D&I Women’s Affinity Lead and VP of business development, Critical Mass, “We’ve always held ‘equal’ as one of our core values – and we’ve always believed women have the right to control and choice over their own bodies. The Euki team shares these beliefs, and we want to back what they’re doing to make a difference. Euki’s security measures and detailed information can offer relief for women who can no longer trust that their data is safe in certain areas of the country they live in. We will continue to take action wherever possible to advocate for women’s rights during a scary, difficult time.”

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