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Rosapark's Jealous Boobs Spot for Kalenji Will Inspire You to Be The Breast of The Best

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The campaign is based around the idea that running impacts more than just our feet
Rosapark's Jealous Boobs Spot for Kalenji  Will Inspire You to Be The Breast of The Best
The latest campaign from Rosapark entitled “Jealous Boobs”, made  for athletic brand Kalenji promotes sports bras by taking a look at running from breasts’ perspective in a splendidly animated world.When it comes to running gear, what do you consider to be the most important? For 80% of women, it’s all about the shoes, Then come tights, crops and shorts (64%), shirts and tank tops (56%)… And finally, 4th in line, a good sports bra (51%).
And yet, running can be just as tough on your breasts as on your feet – breast movement increases up to 15 cm while running. A study conducted by the Portsmouth Research Group in Breast Health showed that, while most women experience breast pain when running (whatever their cup size may be), 44% of them don’t do anything to alleviate their pain… whereas a good sports bra could transform their routine. 

What do breasts think about all of this? That’s exactly what we at Kalenji, and agency Rosapark, were wondering. And that’s why we decided to dive into their innermost thoughts as they watch runners’ feet jog by, just dreaming of having the same kind of high-profile equipment.
Teaming up with illustrator Valentine Reinhardt, we created a poetic universe to show what their dream world would look like, a world where breasts are little creatures, rather than objects of beauty or desire: a female perspective on a female matter.

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Advertiser: Kalenji

Deputy General Director: Strategic planning

Post Production / VFX

Post Production Company: Grabuge

Production Company

Director: Ian Derry

Executive Creative Director: Gilles Fichteberg et Jean-François Sacco

Producer: Steve Jamison & Kirsty Lane

Production Company: Mathematics

Creative Agency

Account Management: Antoine Ferrari, Adélaïde Destaillats

Art Director: Nazgol Athari-Nejad

Copywriter: Hélène Boudin

Creative Agency: Rosapark

Founder: Jean-Patrick Chiquiar (Co-Founder)

Head of PR & Activation: Mickaël Mougenot

PR Director: Mélanie Colleou

Strategic Planner: Alexandre Ribichesu

TV Producer: Elodie Jonquille

Rosapark, Fri, 06 Oct 2017 10:31:58 GMT