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Mirror Film's Hawaiian Airlines Short Film

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Mirror Films Chris Woods Directs Short Film For Legendary Hawaiian Airlines 80th Anniversary
Mirror Films’ Director Chris Woods has just completed a 30-minute short film for the historic 80th Anniversary of Hawaiian Airlines. Woods flew to Hawaii to shoot the documentary-style film, which is a cornerstone of the company’s anniversary celebrations.

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Hawaiian Airlines CEO Mark Dunkerley viewed Woods’ award-winning documentary “Gray Eagles” and contacted him about making a film that would be Dunkerley’s gift to the Hawaiian Airlines’ team for their dedication to the company. The starting point was extensive research in the Hawaiian Airlines archive, including sifting through an enormous amount of archival footage.

For Woods, a Director/Cameraman who has shot over 500 commercial campaigns and is well-known for his work in action sports and lifestyle, this project represented an exciting challenge: to capture the history and culture of Hawaiian Airlines, one of the nation’s oldest and safest airlines. Woods shot all exteriors and interviews in Hawaii with a limited crew. “We were frugal with our budget because of the amount of footage we wanted to shoot,” notes the Director, who put the Canon Digital 7D camera to the test for the first time and has become a proponent of the new technology. “I am a very physical Director/Cameraman and rarely use locked-down shots,” Woods adds. “The Canon 7D is like a still camera in your hands, so it is a new way of working and shooting which allows for a great deal of movement and flexibility.” Woods directed all of the aerials, which were shot using the gyro-stabilized Cineflex System.

“Shooting this film was a real opportunity for me,” explains Woods, who is also a pilot. “It is an amazing story for an Airlines to have been in business since 1929, so that unto itself is a great story to tell. But add to that, the culture of Hawaii and the people who make up this company; they are what has sustained the Airlines. Building on my experience making ‘Gray Eagles,’ this gave me a chance to shoot another heartfelt, documentary-style film and collaborate with someone who now I consider a personal friend, Mark Dunkerley.”

Other recent projects for Mirror Films’ Director Chris Woods includes a series of commercials for the cross-promotion for the holiday release of major motion picture “Tron: Legacy,” as well as commercial campaigns for Chevy, Dodge, Michelob Ultra, Budweiser and Busch Gardens. A long-time collaborator with SeaWorld, Woods worked on a series of film and media projects with the national marine mammal park throughout 2010.

About Director Chris Woods:
Chris Woods is a Director/Cameraman who has helmed over 500 commercial campaigns for numerous national and international clients worldwide. Best known for his work in action sports and lifestyle, his credits include commercials for Chevy, Jeep, Budweiser, Corona, Toyota, VISA, Mountain Dew, Michelob, McDonald's, Pontiac, Mattel and Hasbro. His action-oriented style has also given him the opportunity to direct and shoot several 2nd Unit feature film sequences for major motion pictures, most notably the cross-country running sequence in the Academy Award-winning "Forrest Gump," the Moscow and aircraft carrier sequences in "The Sum Of All Fears," the worldwide catastrophes in "The Core," and the action sequences in the soon-to-be- released 3D thriller "Priest." Woods has a passion for sky and is an accomplished commercial/instrument rated pilot with over 4,700 hours of flight time. He is also ranked No. 5 in the USA as a competitive sailplane pilot. Woods' award-winning documentary entitled "Gray Eagles" tells the emotional story of the WWII Mustang ace pilot, Jim Brooks, and the reunion with the restored historic plane he thought he'd never see again. That reunion also bridged a generational gap between Brooks and his three grandchildren who never really knew of their grandfather's accomplishments. The film has garnered over 1.5 million views on the web and has attracted interest from major studios for feature development.

About Mirror Films:
Mirror Films is a Hollywood-based production company that has produced some of television’s most recognizable commercials for such clients as Anheuser Busch, Toyota, Nike, U.S. Cellular, Ford, GM, Target, Sony and many others. Mirror Film’s Owner/Executive Producer Eric Barrett has attracted a diverse and artistic roster by representing some of the brightest directorial talent of the commercial production industry. Mirror Films partners well with ad agencies and clients directly because the company’s expertise extends across key genres to include Automotive, Food, Action Sports, Lifestyle, Comedy, Beauty and Kids. Mirror Films is a streamlined and efficient production company – small enough to brainstorm one-on-one, yet big enough to tap its resources globally. The scope of work by Mirror’s Directors encompasses features, short films, live concert films and documentaries. The varied backgrounds of Mirror’s Director/DPs and Producers positions the company to pursue work based on interest. Mirror recently expanded into large-format film, wrapping production on an IMAX project this year. The Mirror Films’ directorial roster includes Louis-Pascal Couvelaire, Bobby Espinosa, Robin Hays, Kevin Kerslake, Greg Pritikin, Doug Walker, Mark Williams and Chris Woods. Mirror Films was founded in 2003.

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