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MassiveMusic Co-host ADE Edition Portfolio Night

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam Dance Event initiative looks to connect young talent with established artists

Amsterdam is packed with musical talent; the many clubs continue to prove this every weekend and that is why Amsterdam Dance Event has been around for almost 20 years. Once a year ADE fills the city with a week of electronic music, conferences and a ‘playground’ that offers art exhibits, talk shows and much more. To guarantee the quality of the young talent that arises year after year, MassiveMusic, citizenM hotel Amsterdam and R&S Records have organized an ADE edition of their Portfolio Night on upcoming October 16th.

The aim of these Portfolio Nights is to connect young, motivated talent with masters of the trade who’ve already earned their stripes in their field. The past couple of years creative agency BLEND\BUREAUX have hosted similar networking events, aimed to make you forget about the bitter taste of the word ‘networking! To celebrate the Amsterdam Dance Event, that will conquer the city next month, music agency MassiveMusic, citizenM hotel Amsterdam and R&S Records present a unique Portfolio Night dedicated to the impressive amount of musical talent in Amsterdam.

This Portfolio Night is the ideal opportunity for young talent to get insider hints and tips from experienced professionals that have already proven themselves in their domain. Each new talent is invited to show these masters their portfolio in a face-to-face meeting, getting the necessary feedback and advice based on the experts’ own experiences. These masters had to pave their own paths, making them the perfect match for fresh talent. The Portfolio Night is not just about connecting with pros, the young talent is also encouraged to meet with the other creatives, encouraging interesting cross-overs. 

The Portfolio Night ADE edition is centered on the city’s rich musical creativity and invites no less than 25 professionals. The first names we can announce are: 

- Leonieke Smit (booker @ LIWYN)

- Tim Heineke (owner SHUFFLER.FM & PAUSE)

- Renaat Vandepapeliere (founder R&S Records Belgium)

- DJ Melon (DJ/ producer)

- Sanne Huijsmans (programmer @ Vice)

- Boye 't Lam (programmer @ Paradiso & label manager @ Rush Hour)

- Vanessa Vassallo (owner Vassallo Bookings)

- Titia van Beckum (A&R @ MassiveTalent)

- Dimitri Kneppers (DJ/ producer)

- Kees de Koning (founder Topnotch)

- Man With No Shadow (DJ/producer)

- Julien Chaptal (DJ/producer)

- David Labeij (DJ/producer)

- Reynard Bargmann (Producer Nouveau Riche Music, NoizBoiz)

- Mirik Milan (Night Mayor Amsterdam)

- Juan Sanchez (DJ/producer)

- Lucien Foort (DJ),

- Friso Venema (label manager Dyro)

- Casper Tielrooij (founder Dekmantel Festival)

More names will be announced as ADE draws closer.

Do you consider yourself a young and creative musical talent and do you have the portfolio to prove it? Register yourself through to secure a spot on the guest list of this free event, taking place in citizenM Amsterdam on Thursday 16th of October. The Portfolio Night is not just ‘all work and no play’, because after meeting the masters you are invited to stay and enjoy a causal drink and chat with the other creatives.

Date: Thursday 16th of October

Time: 19h-23h

Location: citizenM hotel, Prinses Irenestraat 30, Amsterdam

Entrance: free, after registering through

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