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Journey Through the Cosmic Voyage with The Glenfiddich this Lunar New Year

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Singapore, Singapore
The Teeth launches limited edition gift packs with immersive brand experience

From 15th to 30th January, Glenfiddich is celebrating the Lunar New Year with The Cosmic Voyage, an immersive 360° cinematic experience set on the rooftop of Design Orchard in Singapore and White Box @ Publika in Kuala Lumpur. Visitors are invited to step away from the hustle and bustle of their respective cities and escape into a celestial journey featuring the third and concluding chapter of the Glenfiddich’s limited edition gift pack designed by celebrated artist Rlon Wang. 

Brought to life by regional independent agency The Teeth, the celestial-style event is one of the bigger brand experiences that the agency developed in the region post-pandemic. 

“It’s great to see experiential marketing coming back as restrictions ease. Lots of marketers are keen on engaging with consumers on a bigger scale again as many consumers want to reconnect and are craving unique and entertaining experiences more than ever. We’ve shaped our experience in a way that fits well within the Covid limitations, while bringing our consumers on a journey through The Cosmic Voyage - designed to unleash their imagination and get them thinking ‘Where Next?’ embracing the Glenfiddich DNA of curiousness and future-thinking vision,” says Zee Agnew, founder and business partner of The Teeth. 

The Cosmic Voyage is a rich and vivid passage that invites participants to a bright galaxy of possibilities as they follow Glenfiddich’s Royal Stag through the ethereal cosmic forest, an enchanting place alive with storytelling and embedded with hidden gems, to an auspicious future of good fortune awaits, 

There’s a starry sky containing the familiar sights of Lunar New Year – lanterns, fireworks and dancing lions – alongside an array of rockets, planets and other cosmic features that bring to mind space exploration at its most fantastical and takes our imagination beyond earthly limitations.

Consumers can also discover the Limited Edition Gift Packs for the perfect gift to mark new beginnings with their loved ones. And it concludes at the Tree of Fortune, where visitors can draw exclusive branded red packets and stand a chance to win exclusive vouchers on the gift packs. 

“We wanted to encapsulate a feeling of optimism for consumers as they journey with Glenfiddich towards a future of good fortune this Lunar New Year”, explains Ling Versteegen, head of marketing (Southeast Asia) at William Grant & Sons Singapore. “The agency managed to bring to life the celestial-themed illustration of Rlon Wang, into an immersive cinematic experience that brings them into a galaxy of exciting possibilities. It’s heartening to be able to create impactful brand experiences in a safe environment for consumers.” 

The Teeth conceptualised the experience and content for the 360° cinematic experience for both Singapore and Malaysia - which were executed by event agencies Idea Fabrik (Singapore) and Virtue Communications (Malaysia). 

Overcoming the challenges of Covid-related restrictions, William Grant & Sons are betting solidly on brand experience. Also with The Teeth, they have recently run two other big-scale experiences for Balvenie and Hendrick’s.