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How :Teeth Reignited the Romantic Spirit of Travel with 'Holiday Quickies' for AirAsia

Advertising Agency
Singapore, Singapore
Agency launched a cheeky campaign playing up the carnal desires of a married couple

AirAsia has long been Southeast Asia’s leading low-cost airline in the short-haul sector. But with competition in the space growing, they needed to extend their market dominance. 

To do this, they wanted to repackage their short-haul offering and convince people to take shorter holidays more frequently with short but shiok experiences.

Nothing beats a quickie

:Teeth took a closer look at Singaporeans and how they travelled. Research showed that Singaporeans are always looking to find the ideal work-life balance in the face of constant financial and work pressures. 

What’s more, it revealed that many people felt that short frequent getaways with loved ones could help them feel refreshed and invigorated.

Love is in the air

With tongue firmly planted in cheek, the agency created Holiday Quickies, a new short-haul package that served as the perfect chance to rekindle that romantic spirit again. 

The agency launched the Holiday Quickies campaign with 60- and 30-second spots playing up the carnal desires of a married couple who were struggling to find time alone. 

In addition to films and OOH, it also sent out a cheeky Holiday Quickie pack to media partners that helped them get into the spirit of the campaign.

Proving that true love always wins

The campaign proved so successful that Quickies is still being used as the campaign platform years on from launch.


314 Media Articles, 549 Social Posts.

10 million total reach and impressions.

$1,144,500 total PR value.

>1,000 posts #AirAsiaHolidayQuickies