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Irish International BBDO Dissects a Second for Powerful Road Safety PSA

Advertising Agency
Dublin, Ireland
Partizan's Martin Stirling rejoins Irish creative team to highlight devastating consequences of texting while driving

Irish International BBDO has launched a new television campaign for the Road Safety Authority Ireland (RSA Ireland).  Airing on Irish TV - “The Anatomy of a Split Second” focuses on the devastating effect that one split second spent texting while driving can have on Irish roads. 

Directed by the multi-award winning Martin Stirling (RSA, Save the Children), “The Anatomy of a Split Second” shows one second in time under a microscope.  The TVC opens to a serene, sunny world, in an idyllic barbeque setting in a family garden, with everyday experiences captured in a split second. From flipping burgers, to playing swingball, to dropping ice-cream, the viewer is introduced to a seemingly typical snapshot of life’s simple pleasures.  However as the viewers focus moves across to the road, we see two cars driving towards each other.  One carries a family, in the other we see that a driver is using his mobile phone while driving to send a text message.  It is clear that a collision is devastatingly imminent.

As the ad concludes, time returns to normal. The viewer sees the crash from the point of view of the mobile phone. In a jarring, emotionally shocking scene, the inane text message that caused the devastation is visibly clear.  All of the serenity experienced up until this point is completely destroyed through one simple act of inattention.

Said Brian Farrell, Communications Manager, Road Safety Authority Ireland:  “Mobile phone use is killing people on Irish roads. We know for a fact that making a call while driving will make you four times more likely to crash.  However, most people are not aware that you are a staggering 23 times more likely to crash when texting while driving.  With our new advertising campaign our message is very clear - when you use your mobile phone behind the wheel, taking your mind and eyes off the road for just a split second can destroy everything forever."

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