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How McCann Helped Christ the Redeemer Celebrate the World Cup

Advertising Agency
London, UK
B-Reel & McCann Copenhagen pull a shirt over iconic statue in ad for Ladbrokes

The World Cup is returning to the holy land of football – the new ad from McCann Copenhagen, for Ladbrokes, takes us straight to Rio and to the heart of football players and fans around the world. The video plays not only on the emotions of everybody who loves football, it parades the undeniable fact; football is religion.

Brazil will host this summer’s #WorldCup2014, and football finally returns to its home turf. For four weeks straight, Rio and Brazil will be the nexus of celebration and passion as football fans around the world gather for the most iconic event in contemporary football history.

In this surprising Danish ad from Ladbrokes, we wake up in Rio to the ultimate celebration – using one of the world’s most famous iconic symbols, the video leaps into a scenic shot of the 98 feet statue of Christ overlooking Rio de Janeiro wearing a football jersey.

“The World Cup taking place in Brazil is one of the most exciting prospects ever for a football fan. The game may have been born in England, but was brought to unforgettable life by Brazilians. This World Cup is like a homecoming and that needs a celebration. That’s what we are aiming for with this idea for Ladbrokes", says Cliff Holm and Silas Jansson, Creatives at McCann Copenhagen.

The keyword is passion, the passion all football fans share, and just this once every fourth year, we all get to cheer together, regardless of nationality, religion and background – we cheer for football.

“One of the more beautiful things in big international football events is to see how it connects people. In some magical way, the game and all the excitement, anticipation and the buzz around it makes people take off all of their barriers, their religion differences, their day to day problems and issues” says Guy Tal, Head of Offline Marketing at Ladbrokes.

The video is a tribute to football and to the homecoming of the World Cup, the celebrations and the passion, and that the love of football is universal, something that unites us.


Client: Ladbrokes

Agency: McCann Copenhagen

Creative Directors: Silas Jansson & Cliff Holm

Music: PLAN8

Production: B-ReeL

Director: Emil Möller

DOP: Johan Palm

VFX: Ghost VFX