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High Five: Hong Kong

Advertising Agency
Shanghai, China
Nikki Palomaria, associate creative director at 160over90, celebrates five unique projects in LBB's first Hong Kong edition High Five
Hong Kong ads are quirky and hyper, but it has had to rely heavily on big names / influencers over the past year when selling products or presenting new brand offers. The pandemic presented new challenges - including shooting abroad or hiring international talent - but that only made local brands stronger, bringing the focus back to homegrown brands and diverse talent. I personally loved the ads that used old familiar stories, memories and nostalgia. Audiences today understand these values, and are drawn by imagery that captures emotions. The global pandemic and local events here in Hong Kong exacerbated the need for comfort, to be in a community and to form human connections.

Westin - 'Let’s Rise'

Agency & Post: 160over90
Production: Keeper
Music: Stock Track - 'Futures by Roary'

This ad celebrates a community of risers across geographies and empowers people to feel motivated to regain control of their lives as they travel. The choice of music and beautiful copy makes it captivating. I think it’s a powerful video that showcases what the Westin brand stands for: we rise to feel connected, and wherever we all are, we’re all risers.

Tamjai Samgor - ‘A Taste of Memories’

Agency: Ogilvy PR
Production: Redline Production Limited

Everywhere you look in Hong Kong, you are bound to see an ad featuring a ‘Mirror’ member (a boyband based in HK). This stood out from the rest, and along with Tamjai Samgor’s momentum, it was an instant hit. The campaign saw an opportunity to capture what people currently feel about staying or leaving Hong Kong, and how a spoonful of soup can bring back memories of your youth.

Chupa Chups - 'Joy Sticks’

Agency: Cheil Hong Kong
Production: Illusion CGI Studio

The colours, the textures and the subject takes me back to my childhood. My mum would buy me Chupa Chups (the one with the Spice Girls stickers) and we’d head to the arcade before going home. It’s playful and fun. Even as an adult now, I remember the feeling of being carefree and full of joy. No deadlines, no virtual meetings…ahh what a life.

Nescafe - 'Reimagine'

The lead, Zoe, is a virtual character designed from scratch. The product stimulates endless inspiration and allows you to explore your imagination - just like what the creatives have done with their concept. I think it’s pretty clever to have a virtual influencer as it makes the brand stand out in a sea full of boyband endorsed products.

foodpanda - 'Life Is More Than Putting Food on the Table'

Agency: Curious Few x Carat Media Services

This ad really captures what Hong Kong culture is like. It even reminds me of my old advertising days where I had to do overtime, but somehow (weirdly) still looked forward to having dinner with my team. It’s clever in a way that they are playing with the word ‘搵食 (direct translation is ‘find food’) with a double meaning ‘finding food / what to eat’ and ‘making a living / earning money’. Hong Kong people fight so hard everyday to find food / find work and foodpanda is here to make that easy for you. The art direction of the video is well-done, with the sound, visual aesthetics and distinct HK elements.

Work from 160over90 APAC