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Hendrick’s Reimagines Beacons of the British Coastline to Celebrate Launch of Neptunia Gin

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London, UK
British contemporary artist Claire Luxton transforms three iconic lighthouses with striking artistic projections

Hendrick’s Gin has launched a stunning new campaign to celebrate the launch of its Neptunia Gin, the latest creation from Master Distiller Ms. Lesley Gracie’s Cabinet of Curiosities that enchantingly bottles the magic of the sea.

Captivated while on her dog walks by the magical melody of the waves lapping the Scottish coastline, Ms. Gracie wanted to bottle this freeing feeling. To celebrate capturing the essence of the rugged Ayrshire shores of Scotland, the unusualists at the Hendrick’s Gin brand have adorned three iconic saviours of the coastline – landmark lighthouses – with stunning, artistic projected transformations.

The Hendrick’s Neptunia Lighthouses at Belle Tout in East Sussex, Bidston Lighthouse on The Wirral, and Girvan – home of the majestic Hendrick’s Gin Palace – in Scotland, have been transformed by the wonderfully creative mind of contemporary British artist, Claire Luxton. Claire, who is represented by award-winning talent agency MTArt, has been inspired by the peculiar history and landscape of each lighthouse and its local area, as well as the natural world around us. 

Commenting on her amazing creations, Claire Luxton said: “My practice has always had a deep connection to the ocean and nature; I have always been intrigued by its mystery. Living in East Sussex, it’s a joy to find such beauty in the raw, unfiltered shorelines that fill me with inspiration. Working on this project with Hendrick’s Gin is such a special experience and felt really meaningful to bring home how much we take our coastline for granted.”

The breath-taking artworks include a mirage of stunning physical and digital creatives, bringing together a kaleidoscope of colour, transitions and charming vignettes:

Belle Tout in East Sussex, ‘The Siren’: Built in 1832 upon the beautifully rustic ‘Beachy Head’, Belle Tout can be seen for miles out to sea and was a pivotal saviour of seafarers up until the early 1900s. Taking inspiration from its rich, Saxon history from shipwrecks to smugglers and its French origins meaning ‘beautiful headland’, Belle Tout has been reimagined as ‘The Siren’. Watch as the glorious blue butterflies carry away their gin treasure, with a magical seagull and starfish basking in the oceanic delight.

Bidston Lighthouse on The Wirral, ‘The Shore’: Forever known as the lighthouse built further away from the sea than any other in the world, Bidston Lighthouse is a unique, intriguing beacon that dates to 1771. From its local heritage, the Wirral has seen inspiring discoveries from shipwrecks to treasure, and Bidston Lighthouse has long stood the test of time as a local saviour, becoming ‘The Shore’. Be sure to capture the joys of the ocean tributes from seagrasses to shells and not forgetting the beautiful portrait of Neptunia herself.

Girvan Harbour in Scotland, ‘The Haven’: The home of Hendrick’s Gin, Girvan is a quiet but inquisitive town and the home of the cucumber and roses’ favourite. Girvan Harbour Lighthouse was commissioned in 1890 as a safe anchorage for the mesmerising South Ayrshire coast. Featuring two distinctively emerald lights – the lights called out upon the crashing waves to safely bring home the fisherman that frequented the town - Girvan Harbour now embraces the depiction of ‘The Haven’. Spot the glimpses of treasures from the deep and our delightfully playful octopus.

James Keen, Senior Brand Manager at William Grant & Sons UK, comments: “At Hendrick’s Gin, we aim to inspire the curious to seek out the unconventional – and what better way to celebrate the launch of Hendrick’s Neptunia Gin and the beauty of our coastlines that inspired the delicious liquid, than with stunning, intriguing art installations across the UK’s iconic lighthouses.”

All the Hendrick’s Neptunia Lighthouse installations will be live throughout the month of April, and the curious can seek out the outlandish experience from 7pm onwards at the following locations, but please visit graciously:

The Siren at Belle Tout – Beachy Head Rd, Eastbourne, BN20 0AE
The Haven at Girvan Harbor – Girvan Harbor, Girvan, KA26 9AJ
The Shore at Bidston Lighthouse – Wilding Way, Birkenhead, Prenton CH43 7RA

In homage to Britain’s beautiful coasts, Hendrick’s Gin has partnered with Project Seagrass, dedicated to the conservation of seagrass ecosystems, supporting with seagrass meadow restoration projects close to Scotland's Girvan Harbour Lighthouse and the Hendrick’s Gin Palace. For more information visit

Behind the scenes of Claire's process and journey towards the finished installation.