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Gillette Gets Its Game Face on for Limited Edition MVP Razor

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Singapore, Singapore
Fronting the campaign is celebrated Southeast Asian professional DOTA 2 Player, Iceiceice, who encourages the audience to level up their game with the limited edition Gillette MVP razor

Leading Grooming Brand Gillette, announces the release of their first-ever limited edition MVP razor in Singapore. Gillette’s latest razor ‘MVP’, short for ‘Most Valuable Player’, is a special dedication to all e-sports fans across South East Asia. 

Equipped with features like Gillette’s signature FlexBall and the latest SkinGuard technology, the new Gillette MVP also comes with a new innovative Magnetic stand that magically & magnetically docks the handle. It comes in premium gold metal-built, promising to deliver a great shaving experience that will make one feel like a true MVP champion. 

Gillette has been a leading supporter for e-sports globally. 2021 is the fourth consecutive year running for Global Gillette Gaming Alliance, this time with a team of 11 global gaming streamers to engage the global community. Gillette was also recently recognized as ‘Brand of the Year’ at the Tempest Awards for its work in the esports and gaming community.

Top Southeast Asia and Singapore eSports player, Daryl ‘Iceiceice’ Koh, currently a professional DOTA 2 player for North American team Evil Geniuses, is the face of Gillette’s MVP campaign. 

With many accolades under his belt, Iceiceice’s representation of the Asian eSports arena not only reflects Gillette’s steadfast support for the industry but also their brand belief in helping individuals be their best. Gillette enables men to ‘face any challenge’, and inspires determination to retain their competitive edge with the latest and best of Gillette technology. 

Released first on the @GilletteSingapore Instagram page and to be released progressively on other digital platforms, the Gillette MVP Campaign film starts with a young, aspiring gamer being taunted for his initial bad gameplay. Still, he seeks to improve himself and chances upon GIllette’s MVP razor which inspires him to level up. Now equipped with a confident face, a smooth shave, and a boost in self-belief, he reenters the gaming arena. With a steely-eyed newfound determination, he slowly rises through the ranks, receiving the attention of Iceiceice and an invitation to play at the Gillette MVP academy. Gillette’s message is clear - through your perseverance, you can also become the #BestAManCanBe.

“It is very exciting to see Gillette’s acknowledgement of the gaming industry and their active involvement in flaming its passion, especially in Southeast Asia. Gillette has always been a household name for men and as a long time user, I am ecstatic to be part of the brand’s initiatives to engage with the younger audience in this region who also share my love for gaming. I am a Gillette user and I love shaving with this MVP limited edition razor,” said Iceiceice, professional Dota 2 Player, Evil Geniuses. 

Karthik Srivatsan, senior director, Gillette APAC and category head, Grooming, Malaysia, Singapore & Vietnam, said: “At Gillette, we are dedicated to providing the tools and support men need to become MVPs in their lives every day. The new Gillette MVP Razor is the perfect combination of form and function. Its gaming inspired look with a unique magnetic stand, paired with our signature FlexBall and SkinGuard technology, creates a winning product. Apart from introducing the new Gillette MVP, this campaign celebrates the Asian gaming community and the blazing spirit of the youth today”. 

“Based on research, we found that a lot of aspiring gamers want to improve their gameplay but lack the resources to help them. From there, we saw a natural fit for Gillette to play a more active role in enabling gamers to Level Up Their Game - giving birth to the campaign idea together with our partners at Gillette. So, for the first time ever, Gillette is giving aspiring gamers an opportunity to get mentored by IceIceIce - the top Dota 2 player in SEA. The campaign kicks off with a film highlighting a gamer’s journey from an amateur to a pro gamer and along the way gets mentored by IceIceIce. This has been a passion project for the team. As a gamer myself, it’s been a really fun and exciting project bringing this to life”, added Lay JY, creative director, Vaynermedia APAC.

The campaign also includes an interactive online session of ‘MVP Academy’ with Iceiceice where participants will get to learn gaming tips and tricks directly from the master himself. In addition, there will be OOH and other social media engagements with gaming, sports and lifestyle influencers. 

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