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Five Ways to Improve Your Social Media Image

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Jelly Digital Marketing share its best tips and tricks to improve your social media image

When it comes to social media, the interesting thing about it is that you can curate your image to exactly what you want. If you are a fashion blogger, post fun outfits and follow other fashion accounts. If you are a nutritionist, post healthy recipes and follow other food bloggers. The content you post and interact with needs to be similar to the people you want to follow you.

Post Higher Quality Images 

This may go without saying, but users prefer looking at higher quality images. This may mean investing in a higher quality camera, or learning the ins and outs of your mobile devices camera, which we teach in our Masterclass Series. If you are not looking to share personal images, using stock photography images is always an option, but keep in mind that these photos are available to everyone, so you will need to make it personal in some way. 

Add text to your Images to Increase Engagement

The saying 'a picture is worth 1,000 words,' is cheesy but true. Words can help add context to your photo and increase engagement up to 47 percent (Brafton). They can also solidify the point you are trying to make with the image. Here are some ways to add text to your images:

Adding a meaningful, relevant quote over a picture will improve your visuals

Finding unique quotes that are not cheesy

Include header images in your blog posts

Use a variety of different fonts

Brand your Social Media Images with Consistency and Style 

It is important to experiment with your social media images, especially if you are just starting out. Over time, your goal should be to have a defined style and aesthetic of the photos you post. 

Whether you are posting for your business or your personal account, consistency is important for increasing the connection with your audience.

Use the Power of Captions 

Captions allow you to add information, information that may not be captured by a photo. They also allow you to add extra context to your photos. Some steps and things to keep in mind when writing captions include:

Make the most of the first sentence - grab the reader’s attention!

Include a call to action or a question to encourage engagement

Add value - Share a tip or trick!

Use personification

Use storytelling

Use emojis and have fun with it

Do not forget hashtags!

Interacting with Your Audience

Regardless of the purpose you have for creating a social media account, interacting with your audience is important. This means responding to comments and engaging with your audience. Direct Messages is a powerful way to establish a connection with your audience, so be sure to always answer them in a personal and effective way. The main purpose of actively replying and engaging with your audience is to show your audience you care and build rapport. Beyond this, it ties right into the ‘social’ aspect of social media!

When it comes to improving your social media image, there are a variety of ways you can do this. The key is to be creative and always have your audience in mind. Depending on who your audience is, the ideal things to post on social media will vary.

For more information on Social Media and how to use it effectively, check out our Social Media Marketing Specialist Course in partnership with Digital Marketing Institute.

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