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Blutui Reveals Key Takeaways from Cannes 2018

Hamilton, New Zealand
Blutui CEO Graeme Blake and Product Manager Charlie Cooper recap their week at Cannes

With Cannes Lions week over and the Blutui team back in New Zealand what were the outtakes from this massive event?

Blutui CEO Graeme Blake and Product Manager Charlie Cooper spent the week at Cannes meeting with network owners and agency group C-level executives to discuss the future of digital as it applies to digital and web development.

The consensus is that clients are hacking away at traditional media margins, creative and production fees are being put under the microscope and shareholders are baying for better returns. Each and every agency model is looking to digital for improved revenues. “It’s no secret that agency have looked at web as the buck-toothed cousin of agency production work but we’ve identified a real commercial advantage for agencies to take control of their digital portfolio and make both immediate and long term gains in terms of profit and efficiency”, says Graeme.

When times are good and the Rosé if flowing in Adland web is often overlooked but now with every dollar under scrutiny for a commercial return web is back in the spotlight. “The Blutui platform has been designed to provide any agency with a digital footprint and to capture revenues that are otherwise lost to vendors or internal inefficiency” says Charlie Cooper. “The Group Creative and Technical Officers we talked to bemoan the complexity, delays and misinterpreted briefs that cause rework and cost for everything from the simplest campaign site to enterprise projects” says Charlie.

Agencies have lost control over their digital clients creativity, relationship and revenues over time because web was too hard. Well time and technology have come to the rescue in the form of Blutui, the web platform for creative agencies the world over. The Blutui platform provides creative freedom at its core and agency management tools that make web projects incredibly easy to deliver.

Front end web designer Shavina Penchaliah has been using Blutui for over a year and we asked her how it performs:

I’ve used a lot of mainstream and DIY systems and they all come up short when you try to apply a clients brief, most are heavily template reliant and constrict creativity whereas Blutui has no rules and no limits really. I use the tools I’m used to and build whatever I need to.”. Says Shavina.

“We’ve built Blutui using the latest languages and protocols and partnered the most robust global infrastructure to enable agencies anywhere in the world access the platform. They can brand Blutui as their own, invite talent in from literally anywhere - their own staff or contractors - doesn’t matter, and all the time the agency is in control of the project through their own branded agency console” says Cooper. “We’ve modeled Blutui on digital agency workflows so we know it’s efficient”.

“Our team are demonstrating the Blutui build process to agencies all around the world in the wake of our Cannes event and we have opened up a number of independent networks as well so if you ask me how I think Cannes went for Blutui, one word - incredible”, says Graeme Blake.

What does Blutui offer?

Total control
Blutui is the web design platform for creatives and creative agencies the world over. Blutui gives you total control over web projects, absolute design freedom and with the option to white label Blutui is perfect for any sized agency from independents to global networks.

Built for agency by agency

We understand digital agencies, we have one. Blutui is developed within a live digital agency environment and caters to the unique workflows and digital project management like no other platform can. With Blutui you can consolidate your web projects within your own branded environment and invite collaborators meaning full control over your digital portfolio and an end to fragmentation.

Eliminate complexity, wasted resource and overhead
Blutui has no creative constraints and designers are free to use the tools they know and love. Blutui removes all of the time consuming and resource heavy back end tasks. With Blutui your team can publish at the press of a button and tasks such as managed hosting, security certificates, load balancing, and traffic management are all taken care of using the latest technologies.

Do Digital Right
Blutui provides efficiencies, eliminates technology fragmentation and lets you build anything from a campaign landing page to an enterprise site. Get more projects out the door faster and be more competitive with Blutui.

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