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Adam Reid Directs ICBC PSA with PSDDB
Production Company
Toronto, Canada
Creative advertising agency PSDDB and director Adam Reid collaborate again to deliver a light- hearted and humorous campaign with a strong ‘don’t drink and drive’ message for British Columbians

Back in December 2020, Adam Reid directed a campaign for British Columbia’s public auto insurer, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC), with PSDDB and Creative Director Katie Ainsworth. “I really connected with Katie on the project and immediately started to look forward to the next opportunity to work with her.”

The result is a fun new spot featuring Emily, a self-described 'Make it Home Planner' who helps people plan ahead for a safe ride home when heading out for the evening. Her “make-it-home- plans” take it to the next level and include helping her client find a ‘signature scent’ for his bus ride home, and determining ‘the menu’ for another client before his taxi ride home. Adam directed again (and edited) working with an original script created by Katie and her partner Associated Creative Director Elizabeth Whalen. The team enlisted frequent collaborators production designer Athea Boyes and director of photography Devin Karrington.

The two projects are quite different. The earlier campaign was rooted in subtlety and slice of life. On this project the team created a character. It was an organic process with a willingness to improv being key during casting and the shoot. “I love working with improvisers and with people who embrace the approach,” says Adam. “It’s a three-way dance between performer, writer and director.”

Finding the right actor to play the 'Planner' was central to the success of the campaign. Initially, the team was thinking of a male for the part but decided to keep it open to all performers. “I’ve been immersed in acting since I was 12 years old and have personal relationships with many agents and actors across the country”, says Adam. “I often get very involved and reach out to my own contacts during any casting process because I want to help ensure we see the top people.”

They found the perfect performer in B.C. based actor Amy Goodmurphy. “Actors have to believe in what they’re doing with this kind of work. There has to be sincerity in the performance because it’s a lot funnier when things are played honestly. Our main character, Emily, is not normal. She’s super quirky, but you believe she’s real. Amy did an amazing job. We were lucky to be able to work with her.”

The project is a B.C. success story. “There’s an untapped comedy world in Vancouver”, says Adam. “I know it exists and I love proving it.” Amy and her clients played by Mika Mitchell, Kalvin Olafson and Carlo Fortin are also Vancouver based. The fact that the project is B.C. homegrown is also important to Adam, “I’m a big fan of the creative minds at PSDDB, they’re always pushing the envelope. Material like this not only inspires me, but it inspires everyone who gets to work on it.”

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