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7UP's New Packaging by BBDO India Celebrates Brand's Unique Heritage

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Mumbai, India
Limited edition packaging designs highlight the fizzy drink's best bottles sourced from the past six decades
Remember those good old days? When rock-and-roll ruled the charts? When rotary phones were a fixture in every home? THROWBACK is not just a hashtag but a reminder of the past; of times when cool had a different definition; when creative expression, retro designs, ‘flower power’ ruled the roost, and when Fido Dido was the man of the moment. 

This summer, popular beverage brand 7Up is all set to take consumers on a trip down memory lane with its new campaign, 7Up BACK TO COOL.  The refreshing clear drink with a natural lemon flavor presents consumers with a blast from the past, with the launch of SIX VINTAGE DESIGNS. The limited-edition packaging is celebrating the spirit and soul of six different decades in history, starting from the 1950s and running through the 2000s. 

Inspired by the people, culture and aesthetic of a particular decade, the new bottles reinstate 7Up’s philosophy that there’s nothing better than being your true individual self and that people, no matter when in history and which part of the world they are in, strive for originality.

This philosophy manifests itself through cool designs and catchphrases that defined the six generations. Printed on the bottles, the 1950s slogan screams out ‘SURE IS SWELL’, a popular slang of the decade; while the ‘FAR OUT FLAVOR’ slogan captures the essence of the 1960s. The 1970s are depicted through the ‘GET DOWN, 7UP’ slogan and ‘CLEARLY THE UNCOLA’ takes center stage on the bottle label inspired by the 1980s.The 1990s bottle sees ‘King of Cool’ Fido Dido take a break while lying in his hammock. Rounding off the pack of six is the 2000s’ ‘TIMELESS TASTE’ bottle slogan, which exemplifies how the clear drink has remained a favorite over the decades.  

The cool quotient of the 7Up Vintage packaging is brought alive on screen through a TVC, conceptualized by creative agency BBDO, which shows the evolution of the different designs. Click here to download hi-res images of all six new bottles and the TVC. 

Speaking on the campaign, Gaurav Verma, Associate Director, Flavors Marketing, PepsiCo India said, “7Up is a brand which is inherently cool and has retained its personality through the decades. Through the limited edition 7Up Vintage packaging, we have once again taken a unique and ‘cool’ approach to connect with today’s generation. In the age of throwbacks and selfies, the 7Up Vintage bottles are the perfect representation of our Shelf to Media strategy and we are confident the new, limited edition packaging will truly make 7Up stand out on retail shelves.” 

Echoing his thoughts, Josy Paul, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, BBDO India said, “These are collector’s items. Fido is the original daddy of cool! And all the other cool 7 Up stuff! It’s so awesome that you want to own every one of these global vintage packs. And you want others to enjoy them to. How do you do that? With the 7UP Back to Cool promo offer!  Now everyone has a chance to go back in time with a bottle of 7 Up! Nostalgia is cool!”

7Up will also roll out a 360-degree marketing plan post the launch of the TVC on 23rd April 2018. This will be supported by massive outdoor & digital surround. The edgy new PET bottles will be available to consumers across all modern and traditional outlets across the country.

The brand is also introducing limited-edition design merchandise, including Bluetooth speakers, headphones, t-shirts & hoodies, notebooks, sippers and funky slap-bands inspired by the new packaging. Consumers will get a chance to win this merchandise through promo packs on select bottles in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and West Bengal. 
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