Fat Lad At The Back - Fat Can't
Fat Lad At The Back
Advertising Agency
London, UK
Agency / Creative

Empowering plus-size cyclists to get out there and ride. Nowt else.

Fat people get called some proper nasty stuff. Our research survey showed there was one overwhelmingly frequent phrase large cyclists are called by the public. At the bottom of this page are extracts from the research. Trigger warning.

Life’s too short to muck about with clothing that doesn’t make people feel good or make them feel included.

Our idea
Fat Lad At The Back doesn’t agree with the word CAN’T. Actually fat lads and lasses CAN do anything. Oh and we love a bit of word play. Oooof.

The campaign has created ALOT of attention. An absolute shit-tonne of earned media has made it a very frothy campaign, and made the client smile from ear-to-ear. Proper.

Results are still being counted.

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