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​Continuing its legacy of promoting up-and-coming talent, DIRECTV is again changing the game to empower diverse creators to launch "Familia Fuego" a Latinx TikTok all-star house.


DIRECTV is a legacy entertainment brand known for its best-in-class sports streaming and entertainment offerings over the past 20+ years.

As part of a brand refresh in 2021, the company pivoted to a creator-led social approach that allowed them not only to meet consumers on their preferred mediums, but to also uplift and invest in the next generation of entertainment stars who currently dominate the TikTok #fyp.

Coming off the success of their partnership with The Crib Around The Corner (the first Black creator house in Los Angeles), DIRECTV wanted to expand on their commitment to diverse creators and communities while continuing to drive positive engagement with new, modern audiences.

This time the focus was on the Hispanic community and Familia Fuego was born: an all-Latino creator house featuring some of TikTok’s buzziest stars Leo Gonzalez, Isabella Ferregur, Alexia Del Valle, Monica Villa, Jesus Zapien.

We undertook a careful casting process to not only find the biggest creators and ensure their comedic styles would mesh in their collaboration, but to also address diversity within the Hispanic diaspora.

By working hand-in-hand, we were able to cast five creators with over 7.5M followers on TikTok and 650K followers on Instagram, representing Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Cuban communities within the cast.


Over the course of the partnership, the Fuego cast created relatable branded content for both the @familiafuego page and their individual handles that covered themes like workplace culture, growing up Hispanic, and spoofs of their favorite TV shows. The cast also attended and amplified DIRECTV’s activations around Super Bowl and Neon Carnival.

Forever trying to empower their creator partners, DIRECTV gave Fuego free rein over their content. The creator-led approach humanized DIRECTV and allowed the brand to establish connections with this important audience on their terms, through some of their favorite influencers. Given social media is more fragmented than ever, broadcasting messages to a general audience doesn’t cut it.

Fuego brought DIRECTV along as part of their always-on conversations with fans around key cultural moments on TikTok, allowing for deeper, more authentic engagement and positive sentiment with this new brand audience.

DIRECTV compensated the cast well-beyond industry standards and has utilized their ample brand resources to uplift the Fuego cast via a dedicated webpage, integrating the cast into brand social + advertising efforts, and securing co-branded partnerships with

programmers like Univision, Discovery, WarnerBrothers, and more on their behalf.

Most importantly, leaning into the DIRECTV name and agency resources has elevated every Fuego cast member, securing them red carpet invites, celebrity collabs, and interviews with major publications like the LA Times and Telemundo.


Through The Crib Around The Corner and now Familia Fuego, DIRECTV has been able to have a consistent presence on social media while increasing awareness and engagement with new, younger communities:

-DIRECTV’s affiliated channel, @FamiliaFuego, garnered impressive results throughout its campaign (8 months):

Discoverability was helped by the Total Impressions: ~24.7M (1.48M Insta, 23.1M TikTok).

Relevance to the audience was improved with Total Engagements of 2.9M (59.3K Insta, 2.84M TikTok).

As well as the number of New Followers: +138.8K (8K Insta, 130.8k TikTok).

-Creator channel performance results (from all 5 creators) were equally boosted.

Total Impressions came to: 19.5M (8.6M Insta, 10.8M TikTok).

Total Engagements were over 2M (345K Insta, 1.7M TikTok).

The Average ER on TikTok was 13% - over 10X TikTok Paid Ad Benchmark!

And on Instagram: 8.5% - over 8X Instagram Benchmark (SproutSocial Analysis). 4X better than DIRECTV's Instagram handle!

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