The Body Shop - Spread Love
The Body Shop
Advertising Agency
Denver, USA
Agency / Creative

The Body Shop is an activist brand that had been looking for ways to evolve and appeal to younger generations. They came to Odysseus Arms to reinvigorate the brand with a relaunch of their best-selling product, the original Body Butter

The first order of business was to determine how to talk about the reformulated Body Butter. They used their Third3ye™? process to understand what appealed to modern consumers who weren’t aware of The Body Shop’s history. A key insight came to light. After a year of alone time, a platform about “self-love” felt quiet, isolating and stereotypical. What they craved was a modern, hot take on self-love with body positivity, inclusiveness and togetherness. They demanded brands to make meaningful progress to address inequality that led to the #BlackTikTokStrike. The pieces fell together. Spread Love was born.

The Spread Love campaign was a celebration of inclusivity and recognition of Black TikTok creators. Odysseus Arms partnered with genius music video director Alan Ferguson and TikTok creators Layla Muhammad, Tracy Joseph, Sunjai Williams and Amari Smith to make this a choreographed, diverse and inclusive integrated campaign both on and off screen. Equality was a cornerstone of every part of the production – our creative team, cast and production teams were majority women/non-binary people.

The campaign dropped on national TV, social feeds, The Body Shop’s website, in Times Square, on taxi toppers (provided for free by the media company because they liked the campaign so much), and as a creator-led TikTok challenge. In a short 8 weeks, the campaign received over 1.4B earned media impressions equating to $12.9M in earned media.

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