House of Hoops & Nike - Gallery K11

House of Hoops & Nike
Advertising Agency
New York, USA

Art is everywhere. You just have to look for it.

To launch Kyrie Irving’s 1 World/1 People DIY signature shoe, House of Hoops and Nike invited sneakerheads, hoopers and creators to dream outside the box and unleash creativity in unexpected ways.

Museums and galleries aren’t the only place to enjoy works of art.

Just head to your local basketball court to see the art of the game in action. Inspired by community hoopers and driven by the ethos of Kyrie’s DIY sneaker collection, another way to experience art on the court is imagined—Gallery K11. Gallery K11 is the world’s first augmented reality art gallery that can be experienced at any public basketball court.

To curate the collection, Nike partnered with six artists who found inspiration from the game. Each artist was given a 1 World/1 People DIY pack to turn into a work of art. Their artwork not only hung in Gallery K11, but was also part of a social giveaway to connect the larger hooper audience to their art. All artists also provided a personal piece to the collection, adding another layer of artistry to the gallery experience.

Using AR technology and geolocation, Gallery K11 dropped on to courts worldwide. To see the gallery, all you had to do was head to your local basketball court and launch the experience.

Art is for everyone.

A worldwide art experience, people across 23 countries explored the gallery and the campaign garnered 11M impressions.

Through Gallery K11, House of Hoops gave street and youth artists a global platform, and gave everyone a new way to experience art at a location already brimming with creativity.


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