Ford Signature - Ford Showroom Upgrade

Ford Signature
Branding and Marketing Agency
Stockport, UK

Following the success of the showroom upgrade programme, we were tasked once more to deliver a completely new concept, called Ford signature, sponsored by Elena Ford directly and the Ford Global team based in the US.

Ford Signature is a new global design for a vibrant, innovative and digitally connected retail environment. It links the in-store and online Ford experience and provides a ‘Best-in-Class’ automotive purchasing experience for the customer.

The new design allows for optimal vehicle presentation, positioning the vehicles as ‘heroes’ within the showroom. Immersive, inviting spaces and supportive digital technologies are provided, which put the customer in control and encourage them to explore and discover.

Ford Signature encompasses an update of showroom exteriors, as well as customer facing interior areas, to create a seamless customer journey.

Ford of Europe and the Ford Global Team appointed us as the main supplier to support and guide the Ford Dealer Operations Managers in all 24 Countries and their dealers on this exciting journey.

We have developed, tested and improved furniture designs and adapted it to the European standards where required. We have undertaken a very strict price review with the Ford of Europe to make sure that the ford dealers would receive the best products and the best services at the most competitive price.

This project has been a real team effort, with support provided from our APS Multilingual Account Management Team, the team, the APS Logistics and Transport teams and the APS Installation team and we are all extremely proud to carry on supporting Ford and its dealers on this new inspiring journey will see all the Ford network fulfilling the Signature concept over the next 7 years.

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