LOCAL SUPPLY | Director - Simon Morehead (SOVEREIGNS)
Advertising Agency
Sydney, Australia
Agency / Creative
Production Service
Post Production / VFX
Music / Sound

Winner of Best Director at the 2018 Australian Fashion Film Awards, the LOCAL Supply Summer 17/18 campaign celebrates the foundation and philosophy upon which the brand was built on back in 2013 – that of inclusivity, diversity and creative expression.

The film beautifully executed by bringing together four incredible talents from across Australia who embody the brands values.

About CRATER Australia

Imagine a world with crafters, visual artists, those that love a good story…. blah, blah, blah... We know what you’re all thinking - snoozing already and we’ve only just opened our mouths. 'How safe' you say! Well… here’s our spin.

CRATER is here to flip the status quo and deliver beyond the world as we know it. Locally, and globally, we've gathered up a collective of misfits, renegades and artists, hell-bent on creating the most disruptive and visually exciting work possible. With each holding their own unique vision, style and language, we connect as one unit spanning multiple continents, blending opinions and ideas to form a supreme product.

We’re here to make a noise. We want to move you, move people, move our bodies to the beat of our own drum. Yep you’re hearing us right. CRATER will be known to boast about what it delivers to clients as we stand to push our work beyond the conform of standard. It’s not arrogance, nor single mindedness. It represents the respect we have in our people, our team, for our clients, and the proudness in every piece of content we produce.

We are unapologetic about how we approach a project, but we stand by our belief that CRATER will always deliver best. 

Clients come to CRATER for its specialty in the ability to produce and execute quality visual content, but it’s the added extras that we offer up that give us (and you) that additional ‘x’ factor.

We aim to deliver our clients unique ideas led by our creatives and roster of thinkers. Some play outside the box, some within it, others flip the whole planet on its head. You ask for one, we give options. Crater works with clients to both build upon their brief or dream up ideas purely from a problem need solving.

At Crater we also like to call ourselves ‘Nomads.’ Whilst there’s no place like home, we don’t like to restrict our work or our clients. You’ll find our team reaching pockets far and wide for our clients who desire production on a local or international scale. 

So what's the hold up? Lets' get together and make some sweet, sweet content.