VRT StuBru - Missed You Stranger - Toilet
VRT StuBru
Production Company
Brussels, Belgium
Agency / Creative
Post Production / VFX
Music / Sound

Belgium youth radio station StuBru launch ‘Missed You Stranger’ - a campaign celebrating the re-opening of the much loved and sorely missed Belgium festival scene - which recognises the hardship the ban of social interaction has caused to the StuBru listeners.

About Hamlet
We could call it a community, but why call something a community when you can call it a Hamlet?
Yes, Hamlet is a play by Shakespeare. And a cigar brand.
But a Hamlet is a smallvillage. Well, not even a village, really, more like a small group of houses.

This particular Hamlet ispopulated with creative craftspeople, forging memorable stories and powerfulcontent for new and old media, experimenting with form, structure andcutting-edge technology.

Our ambition is to createthought provoking films, rooted in society and born out of an attempt toexplore human emotions. We look out for work that stays with you, truebeauty and smart entertainment.

Created in 2015 by RubenGoots and Jason Felstead Hamletoperates out of Brussels and Berlin.

With Hamlet, we’veconceived an open structure, a place where talent finds a home: the eager, thebrave, the poetic, the proud and the curious.  Welcome to our Hamlet.

Raw emotions, beautifullycrafted.