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Yards Brewing Company
Advertising Agency
Philadelphia, USA

This beer was made for hardworking Philadelphians who were looking for a value beer that tasted like a craft beer. When developing the packaging, we needed to elevate the idea of “value” while keeping the design clean, simple, stripped-down, and bold.

By taking our cues from the classic beers of the past, we set out to create a design that consumers would want to show off at their garages, man caves, or barbecues. We wanted it to feel like a new favorite tool in the toolbox, with simple linework, font, and color choices, and a badge shape that harkened back to old gas station signs and hardware companies. Although we relied on nostalgia for inspiration, we needed this beer to also feel modern and sleek, with a toughness that resonated throughout generations. We balanced the old with the new by playing with the stroke and fill of the design elements.

In order to tie in the Philadelphia roots of Yards Brewing Company, we also wanted to create a character to not only act as a mascot for this new value beer, but also a character that represented Philly’s spirit and attitude. And that’s how a disgruntled little pigeon named “Surly” was born. On the packaging, Surly sits atop the beer’s badge, proudly waving a flag with Philly’s original area code, reminding everyone that this beer was created in Philadelphia, for Philadelphians.

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