Satour - Live Again (Director's Cut)
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Johannesburg, South Africa
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Director Zee Ntuli - the Darling behind South African Tourism’s new TVC

If you’re looking to be hit in the feels, South African Tourism’s new TVC directed by

Darling’s Zee Ntuli, packs an emotional power punch and brings to life South Africa’s

very essence of ubuntu, adventure and generosity. The project was shot over eight days with locations covering the contrasting terrains and local flavours of the Western Cape, Mpumalanga, Gauteng, Midlands and Limpopo.

“When Joe Public invited us to engage on the new Global South African Tourism

campaign, we were beyond excited,” says Lorraine Smit, Executive Producer and

one half of Darling’s founders. “We understood how critical it was that we got this

right for the brand after the devastating impact Covid has had on our country’s

hospitality and tourism sectors. Zee’s vision is a homegrown story worthy of

platforming South Africa as an unforgettable tourist destination for the international

market but it’s also a call to encourage South Africans to explore their beautiful

country again.”

Zee and Darling worked closely with Agency, Joe Public, from the start of the project

to workshop a concept and tone that would hit an emotive bullseye with its audience

in its execution. Darling is well-known in the industry for its ethos of collective

collaboration and it was this approach to the campaign that made it possible for Zee

to successfully capture the spectacular essence of South Africa’s unique local

flavour. Zee also extended Darling’s mandate of radical inclusivity into the TVC by

bringing together crew and talent from all corners of South Africa’s provinces,

making it an authentically South African production.

The project was shot with a combination of bungee rigs to create a fluid feeling of

being in the moment with the lead as she loses herself in her experience amongst

the people of South Africa, whilst drone shots were used for scale to capture the

vastness of South Africa’s landscapes. “Zee has an innate talent when it comes to storytelling and bringing intimate, emotional pieces to life,” comments Melina McDonald, Executive Producer and Darling co-founder. “With the DNA of the creative and the brand being so powerful

with this job, Zee was able to connect his passion for the human narrative with his love for exploring worlds with scale to truly encapsulate the message of the campaign’s payoff Live Again. We’d also like to thank the incredible South African talent we worked with who were invested in making this project a success.”

Music: Bongiziwe & Sun El Musician @bongeziwemabandla @sunelmusician

Jewellery: Pea @studiopea

Designer: Imprint ZA. @imprint_za

Hair / Masks: Nike Dlova @ninx_indamix

Wardrobe: @neoseratimofammere @naoserati

The Darlings love a challenge, and with a reputation of always delivering above and

beyond on Production and Creative, this once again proves that this is the

production house and talent to consider if you are keen to shoot in Sunny SA and

experience its people and hospitality . (As the Commercial so clearly illustrates)

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