VHI - VHI 360 Health Centre
Production Company
Dublin, Ireland
Agency / Creative
Post Production / VFX
Music / Sound

Vhi are back on our screens with a spectacular floating hospital and the announcement of a huge new subscriber focused ‘360’ Health Centre in Dublin. Working with the squad in Publicis Dublin once more, Piranha Bar developed a fantasy tinged illustrated world, home to the huge heart shaped building packed with 5 floors of medical and wellness facilities. The rich and warm blend of 3D and illustration represents a new chapter in an award winning body of work stretching back over a decade.

In the studio, artists grappled with the challenge of kitting out a 5 floor building – the power flickered across the city every time we rendered the central shot where the floors telescope apart to reveal the slick innards.

Beautiful skies and a rather fancy looking park were painted by concept artist maestro Maël Ollivier-Henry, who learned that it didn’t look Irish without loads of church spires sticking up in the background.

Watch out in the studio for the sudden appearance of bubble tubes, lava lamps and padded floors – our research into Multi-Sensory rooms (featured in the Paediatric department of the Vhi Health Centre) gave us lots of ideas on how to make the workplace welcoming for those of us who have been away for a while. Just don’t trip over the LED ropes.

About Piranha Bar

Piranha Bar is both a Production Company and a full service Post Facility.

Our roster of directors and our studio of animators, 3D genii, flame artists and production elves all share a passion for effective storytelling.
From live-action to animation, high-end VFX to origami and lots in between, every executional technique supports ‘The Story’. This results in engaging, beautifully crafted work that speaks, sometimes whispers and occasionally screams with one singular creative voice.

Whatever the project demands, from inception to execution, Piranha Bar encourages a collaborative approach to the creative process and looks to workshop concepts, techniques and media options with our clients.

In addition to the traditional production company workflow, Piranha Bar offers a more collective approach, where every pre-production, production and post solution is explored and delivered in-house, under one elegant Georgian studio roof.

As the world rapidly shifts focus from one medium to another and across multiple communication platforms, we seek to explore the kinds of concepts and executional techniques that result in true originality.

Piranha Bar is primarily a place to come and work with talented people, to challenge norms, to innovate and to create the very best work.