Piaggio x Feng Chen Wang
Production Company
Oakland, USA
Agency / Creative
Post Production / VFX
Music / Sound

When you’re making your first electric scooter in 75 years, who better to collaborate with than one of the most experimental and innovative designers around?

We loved teaming up with our friends at Piaggio and Feng Chen Wang to create a set of films that explore mobility and sustainability through a stylized doc approach and 3D animation.

About Where The Buffalo Roam
We make moving pictures.

Ideation/Live Action/Design/Motion Graphics/VFX/Editorial

WTBR is a full-service creative production company with offices in Oakland and Los Angeles. If you’re making film or video, commercial, branded or original content, we can help with any aspect of your project, from ideation to production to animation and post.

Founded in 2015, we’ve developed and produced content all over the world, including shoots in China, Cuba, Portugal, Pleasanton California, Ghana, Egypt, South Africa, and Simi Valley...for clients of all types and sizes.

We have decades of experience in advertising and commercial production, and are happy to build a team around whatever your needs may be.

Our philosophy is simple:
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