Campaign Enlightenment Program
Associations, Award Shows and Festivals
New York, USA

The 4A's Campaign Enlightenment program helps agencies bias-proof the campaign
journey and create authentic content. It does this through a series of hands-on,
interactive workshops that feature industry examples, lively discussions, case
studies, breakout sessions, and a digital toolkit.

During the live virtual sessions, participants develop a lens for eliminating bias
across the brief, CX, creative content, production, and media and activations. They
apply this lens to both industry-specific case studies and their own recent
campaigns, identifying necessary changes to process and practice. This shared
experience aligns teams across the agency with a unique vision of how their
content can be both targeted and inclusive and results in an action plan to bring
that vision to life.

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About The 4A's

About the 4A’s: The 4A’s was established in 1917 to promote, advance, and defend the interests of our member agencies, employees and the advertising and marketing industries overall. We empower our members to drive commerce, spark connections, and shape culture through infinite creativity. With a focus on advocacy, talent and the value of creativity and technology to drive business growth and cultural change, the organization serves 600+ member agencies across 1,200 offices, which help direct more than 85% of total U.S. advertising spend. The 4A’s includes the 4A’s Benefits division, which insures more than 160,000 employees; the government relations team, who advocate for policies to support the industry; and the 4A’s Foundation, which advocates for and connects multicultural talent to the marketing industry by fostering a culture of curiosity, creativity and craft to fuel a more equitable future for the industry.