Nike Run For Now
Production Company
London, UK

During the pandemic, when Nike Run Club Members couldn’t rely on working towards their regular goals like marathons or 5K races, some felt lost, some stopped running. Untold Fable were challenged with creating content for the NRC app that would get them motivated and back out on the road. Our approach was to shift focus from performance to feeling, tough love to self-love and from the future to now. 

Run For Now is a creative platform for the NRC app that celebrates the joy of running for today, with three distinct content series focusing on its immediate (as well as long term,) physical, mental and emotional benefits.

We knew films telling the stories of people who do just would be the most inspiring approach, and we knew we wanted to reflect diverse experiences from around the world. By tapping into our global network of award-winning production talent across four continents, we were able to create impactful contributor-led films for Nike’s apps and social channels, going live in six markets during lockdown. Our approach, with director Kate Cox leading remote crews from London, meant the content retained its Run for Now red thread and Nike quality, while also feeling authentic to its place. 

Untold Fable led every stage of creative development and production, delivering six videos, 10 articles and 20 stills.

About Untold Fable

We create content by combining a production company, curated network of production talent and technology that gives you more data and manages the process.

Production company

We’ve combined decades of experience in content production and community-based content offerings to shape what we believe is the production company model of the future. We work efficiently, making high-quality, digital-first audio and video content.

Network of talent

Our ever-growing network has the best production talent from around the world. It’s curated by us and proudly open to all. That means we can offer clients unique access to truly diverse perspectives and skillsets, anywhere.


Our platform gives clients new levels of transparency throughout the production process. Richer data means they can make more informed decisions when casting talent, helping them align with their own business’s diversity journey.

On demand

Uniquely, being part of AFG means Untold Fable offers clients expert strategic and creative services on demand. This means only the time needed is built into a production project.

All production talent are welcome to join our global network. If you’re a brand and like the idea of working differently and purposefully, we’d love to hear from you.