Stella Artois, Give The Gift of Time

Production Company
London, UK
Agency / Creative

Driving creativity, diversity and efficiency in the production of a global TVC campaign for Stella Artois starring Matt Damon, bringing to life the compelling story of a brand/charity collaboration through a complex blend of live action shot in New York and watercolour animation.

Today, women around the world will spend 200 million hours collecting water because they lack access to it at home. This takes time away from work, school and caring for family. Stella Artois and have partnered to change this, a story showcased in the brand’s 2021 global Holiday campaign, ‘Give the Gift of Time’, starring actor and co-founder Matt Damon. 

Such an important and compelling story asked for a fresh approach to production, one which would build meaning into every stage – as well as the end result. Untold Fable were challenged with leading the complete production using our unique model, which is designed to increase diversity in the talent pool and drive efficiencies. Untold Fable led the full production from talent selection, crewing up in New York and managing a complex watercolour animation execution. 

In response to the lead agency’s inspiring creative direction, which saw live action blend with watercolour animation, we presented a longlist of talent that was 50/50 male female and 25% PoC. 

The holiday campaign ran globally including the US, Canada, UK, Korea and other global markets as a TVC and across social channels.

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