Google Search features in TikTok
London, UK
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Google has a host of new, useful features out but they needed stories to spread the news on TikTok. 

Stories that would inform and excite GenZ/millennials and bring Google into their communities. Make the brand a part of their communities, not just a tool.

For that we needed authentic content from trusted and creative storytellers with the proven ability to influence their sub-cultures. 


The audience want to see authentic representatives of their own experience rather than idolizing someone or a lifestyle that feels completely unattainable. 

They’re bored of seeing influencers holding up a product and listing off it’s benefits or worse, a phony personal story of them loving it.

Social is saturated with this approach and it has affected their relationships to brands and influencers. 

Young people routinely mock insincere and inauthentic advertising.

Trust is key.

Creators are trusted more than celebrities (45% vs 29%). They’re able to see the brand through the eyes of their intended consumer and work accordingly.

Creators also give the brand permission to speak to communities from an authentic source.

Strategy & Idea
Instead of using influencers to tell the audience about Google’s features, we found creators to show them in action.

We wanted to show how the various features made the app more than just a search tool.

We curated a diverse cast of 13 young creators 

@thebigweirdworld and @songpsych listed off the ways Google makes life easier.
@emersonbrophy and @pablolaucerica performed custom-made songs about Google’s top new features.
@joshuaticsay showed how the new features would be useful to fellow content producers.

We connected Google to these and other creators for 20 unique pieces of content.

The content was swiftly put to use in advertising across TikTok.

Google was especially impressed with our ability to surface diverse creators with dedicated followers and loads of talent to turnaround content quickly..

Commenters who saw the content agreed:

“This the most helpful TikTok ad”

“The first AD I have watched from start to end.” 

“I know this is an ad but v entertaining”

“First ad watch through now I’m gonna download it☺️”

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