She's On My Mind // JP Cooper
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Chicago, USA
About Picture North

Picture North is an award-winning boutique production and post-production company specializing in stunning visuals, breakthrough technology, and brilliant storytelling. A one-of-a-kind organization, transforming creative ideas into tangible reality is our bread and butter. Whether it’s creating show-stopping imagery, crafting razor-sharp edits, or making daunting timelines seem like a walk in the park, Picture North is with you every step of the way.

Since 2008, Picture North’s diverse international and multicultural profile originates with our executive producers and extends through the entire family. Holding passports from all over the world, our leadership team and director roster include both first-generation immigrants and avid travelers.

Our directors and editors are stationed across the world, and our production partners can be found on every continent. Faced with different time zones, languages, and internet speeds, Picture North always maintains its excellent degree of quality no matter where in the world we operate.