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About Mcasso

Music and Sound, professionally crafted.

A leading team of Composers, Producers, Music Supervisors and Sound Engineers, based at our studios within metres of the Carnaby Street arch, London, UK.

We have vast experience in composing, arranging and producing music for Advertising Agencies and Brands worldwide.

Our unique team-based approach allows us to work together and create a range of tracks, resulting in a variety of musical options for each client.

We have four specialist in-house composers, whilst also having access to a large roster of freelance composers. Together, alongside a dedicated producer for each project, we are able to respond to briefs quickly, giving clients a master quality selection of demos that answer the brief and also where necessary, present alternative routes.

We are open to all musical projects and are able to cater for lower budget projects by utilising our extensive Private Library, containing thousands of high quality tracks which can all be modified if needed.

We are in a prime Central London location for welcoming clients to our studios, and indeed whenever possible, are very happy for them to attend sessions and presentations.

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Curved Arrow are Mcasso's Music Supervision arm. Music Supervisors Lisa McCaffery and Oliver Jay are a compact, focused team, working with clients on an individual basis, which gives them the ability to spend time negotiating with rights holders to ensure we get the best result for our clients, both creatively and financially.

Lisa and Oli have built up strong relationships with an extensive list of Publishers and Record Labels over the years. They are constantly looking to optimise relationships with rights holders, from major players to emerging talents, ensuring we have access to music from upcoming artists, niche catalogues and heritage tracks.

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