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New York, United States
About Groove Guild
We are Groove Guild.
Orchestrating the potential of music is precisely why we are here.

Music, more than any other art form, has the ability to transform a piece of communication and when deployed strategically, it plays a critical role in the film's cast of characters.

Because music is an entire ecosystem unto itself, maximizing its power requires rethinking where it comes into the process and going deeper.

Behind the ever-expanding range of genres and songs are the amazing multidisciplinary artists. Behind them are incredible producers. Deep-seated relationships. Holders of incredible musical knowledge. Recordings that exist, that no one knows exists. Versions of tracks that have yet to be imagined. Original songs crying out to be created.

These are all dots waiting to be connected.

We work with creative agencies, brands, and entertainment properties to help unleash all that the world of music has to offer.

Don't think of us as a music house with its own little ecosystem. Think of us as a guild. A tight, incredibly well-connected, and deeply experienced team of creatives, producers, and composers who partner with you to create a vision and execute it.

The world of music is filled with so much opportunity.

Let's tap into it.

Wherever it may take us.