The Silent Pandemic

Advertising Agency
Johannesburg, South Africa
Agency / Creative

The Coronavirus has been dominating online searches, news reports, social media and even day  to day conversations for months. It has impacted every part of our lives. We are bombarded with communication about washing our hands, staying safe and what symptoms to look out for. POWA, a feminist rights NGO, on a tiny budget, wanted to leverage people’s heightened awareness around pandemics to speak about a pandemic that has been plaguing our nation’s homes for years. Let’s talk about the silent pandemic. Domestic abuse.

By using the same language and iconography used by COVID-19 pandemic communication, we were able to draw people’s attention to another deadly pandemic. At first glance it looked like a Covid-19 symptoms poster, but on a closer examination, viewers saw that this was speaking to the symptoms of an issue that was as deadly as the Coronavirus. Domestic abuse! These posters were tactically placed in hospitals, taverns, public bathrooms, doctor’s rooms.


WE ARE calm African males. Wise African women. Brown skin goddesses. Thoughtful white females. Inspiring gays. Caring mothers. Dedicated fathers. Supportive uncles. Loving aunts. Kind sisters. Special daughters. Strong brothers. Superb sons. Future leaders. Power feminists. Creative activists. Authors. Artists. We dream, believe, think, create, tell stories, side hustle, collaborate, build and innovate. We have 184 years combined experience and together, we speak 12 languages. We are driven to make a difference, to seek out different, to learn new things, to uncomplicate, to communicate, to reach high goals. Our work moves individuals and then it moves the world, creates meaningful connections, resides in people’s minds, breaks new ground. We rally people behind a common goal. Get people to see the best in themselves. We care. Listen. Fail forward. Jump obstacles. Find solutions. Rise and shine. We give a damn and and take the time to understand the humans we serve. Turn passions into actions. Win and lose as a team. Do the right thing. We believe in love, respect and integrity. In honesty and creativity. We dance. We karaoke. We lang arm. We sing in the car and crack ideas in the shower. We grab a beer together. Laugh. Cry. And Live. We create magical meaningful connections. We make the work great, and then even greater. We are brave. Bold. Focused and agile, a future shaping un-agency business, where future talent is nurtured and thrives. A place where everyone grows and wants to be. Whatever we decide to do, we make sure it makes us and our clients happy. Because in the end how much you cared, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you, is all that matters. We are NET#WORK BBDO 

This was created by all employees of NET#WORK BBDO