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About Energy BBDO

The “Energy” in Energy BBDO

It starts with our energized people, who are not just strategically and creatively talented, but are also driven “what’s possible” problem solvers and “we, not me” collaborators.

Their energy radiates to our clients and agency partners to enable powerful productive collaboration in service to work that energizes brands—building new brands and reinvigorating stale ones through brand-defining creative work.

The Work. The Work. The Work.

This is the BBDO mantra, reflecting our unwavering belief that in the absence of great work, nothing else matters.

We’ve long believed that the best work needs to attract attention and define the brand. We achieve our best work using our BrandEnergy® service to tap into meaningful aspects of people’s lives to build a distinctive idea that lifts the brand above the cluttered marketing landscape. Said simply, our work is effective because it's powerfully brand-defining.

Today, our work needs to come to life in a multitude of communication channels. There’s never been a better time to tell evocative brand-defining stories, or to create experiences that deliver a brand-defining idea to people in surprising, innovative ways.

Stories like we’ve created for Extra gum come to life across a variety of media platforms and screens, connecting with people throughout their day. We design these stories to custom fit the distribution opportunity. With Flare, our in-house production studio, we have the capability to create these stories more efficiently than ever before.

Brand-defining experiences, like the “Raid Roach Restaurants,” don’t rely on existing channels, they create their own. With a team of technologists, designers, UX, and data analysts embedded into our creative teams, we’re inventing new, engaging ways to connect with people throughout their lives.

We believe that the best ideas and strategies are grounded in human truths that are inclusive of and inspired by cross-cultural understanding, which is why we built a Total Market practice to create work that resonates with both the general and multicultural markets.

Creativity = Effectiveness

Through everything, we utilize data-fueled creativity to drive smarter insights and constantly make the work more effective and efficient.

In the past two years, our energized people led five of our clients’ brands to win Effie Awards for creativity that drove their business success—part of our role in making BBDO the world’s most awarded agency network for creativity and effectiveness and the Adweek 2015 U.S. Agency of the Year.