Allan Gray - Father's Share

Allan Gray
Post Production
Johannesburg, South Africa
Agency / Creative
Post Production / VFX
Music / Sound

The TVC, titled Father’s Share, is set in 1950s South Africa. It tells the story of a family guided by a ‘disciplined, and seemingly punitive’ father over a period of five decades. The TVC shows a father asking his children for a portion of their earnings throughout their lives. Told from the son’s perspective, viewers see the father taking his share; from the time the child is making pocket money from household chores, to when he reaches adulthood. However, unbeknownst to the son, his father keeps a record of every single transaction in the form of a ledger.

The ledger remains a secret until the time of the father’s passing. When the son returns home, the purpose of the ledger is revealed and the money is returned. Chocolate Tribe got involved early in the development process and worked closely with director, Peter Pohorsky and producer Ben Kaufman, to research and propose ways to bring to life the early days of the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s in South Africa. We worked with production designer Riccardo Pugliese and where needed created various 2d and 3d matte paintings to enhance and extend the sets.

About Chocolate Tribe
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